How to download Instagram videos (Step By Step with images)

As internet users are growing exponentially, social media users are also growing exponentially. Instagram an social media oven by Facebook, is now one of the bigger social media in the internet.

People shares short videos and photos on source Instagram. Sometimes some of the videos and photos we love very much and we want to download in our file manager.

so in this article we will know how to download Instagram videos (step by step guide).

If you feel that Instagram is not useful for you you can disable or deactivate your account on Instagram.

How to download Instagram videos on Android :-

There are lots of video apps on play store to download Instagram videos on Android.

1. Go to play store and search” Instagram Downloder “.

2. Download one of the given app.

3. Now open Instagram Android app.

4. Select the photo aur video which you want to download.

5. Now click on three dots.

6. Now click on copy link button.

7. Paste this link on the app which you download from Play Store (Step 2)

8. Download the video or photo you want.

Further that this you can use GB Instagram to download photos and videos from your Instagram app. GB Instagram is very useful if you download videos from Instagram without copying URL from Instagram.

So if you are searching about how to download videos from instagram without copying URL than this method is perfect for you.

How to download Instagram video using GB Instagram:

1. First of all install GB Instagram from the given link below.

Download Gb instagram.

2. Now open GB Instagram and select the photo aur video you want to download.

3. Now click on three dots.

4. Now click the download button to download the video or photo you want.

5. Congratulations !! your video photo will be downloaded successfully.

So we have discussed two way to download Instagram videos using any Android mobile phone.

Now we will discuss how to download Instagram videos using personal computer or laptop.

How to download Instagram videos on PC :-

1. To download Instagram videos on PC you have to visit on

2. Now as given in the previous Steps click on the three dots and copy the image or video URL and paste it on

3. Now click on download button and your videos or photos will be downloaded successfully

Note :- The website download gram has too many ads so ignore them and only paste your URL and click on download button.

Here are some key points about instagram :-

  • Instagram is owned by Facebook
  • The social media was founded in 2010
  • Instagram is available in 36 languages worldwide.
  • According to Alexa report Instagram is 16th top website in the world.

We have discussed every aspect to download Instagram videos or photos directly from Instagram buy copy URL from Instagram all directly without copy URL from Instagram.

If you have any query regarding to download videos from Instagram please do comment in the comment box and we will reply as soon as possible.

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