How To Get Rid Of Gaming (PUBG) Addiction, Best Tips & Tricks

The game, called PUBG, ie the Unknown Battleground, has been launched in the country about 1 year. According to KPMG’s report, Indian users have spent 19.65 million dollars in purchasing this game in 1 year. However, its popularity has also shown some side effects. There have been many negative reports in the last few months regarding the addiction of this game in the youth. Due to the use of violence and weapons in this game, youths are getting bad influence on the mental health.

Rid of gaming Addiction

What Are Increasing Concern Of PUBG (Game)

Some of the special features of game addiction are sleepiness, distance from reality and low attendance at school college, constant decline in grades and performance. According to a report, a fan of PBS spends an average of more than 8 hours in this game in 1 week. More than 120 cases of this addiction have been registered in Bangalore’s National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences for the services of Healthy Use of Technology.

Keeping this in mind, the problem companies Google and Apple have also begun to solve this problem as a very serious problem. Not only this, many states have also recommended the ban on this. If you are stuck in gaming addiction then with the help of some tips you can run away from this.

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Increasing Concern OF PUBG
Increasing Concern OF PUBG

Android User Use These tricks

Google launched Digital Velabing Program last year to reduce the game addiction. Under this, you can download updated Android Pie App from the Play Store and open New in settings and control your usage and time in a single way. Scroll down for it and type on the accessibility, two splash pages will appear. In this hub k top, a circle appears, the number given in the middle will tell how many times this screen has been turned on.

tricks for android user to get rid of pubg
tricks for android user

Different colors of this circle will show you which app you spend more time on. By using these same analytics, the system harms the information that your apps use more. After viewing this data, you can use the app timer to control usage in a number of time periods. As you marched Pub for 30 minutes, after a 30 minute game play, a minima will occur and a parrot will show that you have completed your allotted screen time. Not only this, the African will be gray-colored, which means that the app is no longer available and by typing it you will see a screen reminiscent about the app limits. One way to stop using the phone and setting up the down wind mode. Actually this makes your phone in grayscale, after which the Do not disturb mode automatically switches on.

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PUBG Addiction
PUBG Addiction

PUBG Tips For IOS User

There is also a feature called Screen Time like Android on this platform which is supported on IOS 12. You can access screen settings by scrolling down the Settings app. Then after switching this picture on it, it will start collecting the Zip lock in the background. This will make you know that you used less phones and how long it took over naps. Apart from this, the total time and place spent on the phone can be compared.

pubg tips for ios user
pubg tips for ios user

Do Not Hide Pubg (Gaming) Addiction

Today, due to technology, awareness has increased so much that it can also solve the problem. If you have been gripped by gaming addiction then you can follow the suggestions given above. However, it is most important that you do not hide this problem, communicate with your friends, parents, teachers, technical experts and human practitioners.

Hide pubg Addiction
pubg addiction

Well, Everything has its limitations. so if you have gaming addiction, its time to get rid from it.

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