How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast; Best Natural Remedies

We all in life face a simple problem and that is pimples on face. Everyone face this problem once in life.

Probably, you have applied many crems to get rid of pimples, but the problem is still not gone. Well, this article will help you in getting rid of pimples fast.

How to get rid of pimples fast:

Small pimples appear on the mouth, which makes the face look ugly. These are called Acne. Most of the oil gets on the skin so do not place cream, oil etc. on the face with any lubricant.

It also happens due to hormonal disturbances, not skin cleansing, stomach disorders. Do not blame them by hand, they get scars. Woman applying cream to treat labial herpes.

Pimples problems

Acne also happens with the bad habits of eating and drinking. When the stomach does not work properly, due to which the toxic substance should come out, it can not come and the poisonous substances spread in the blood and they come out in this form.

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Foods that contain starch, protein, fat should be avoided. Things made from meat, white sugar, hard tea, pickles, coffee, refined, soft drinks, ice cream, flour should be lowered.

Steps to get rid of pimples :-


1. If face stains have become deteriorated from the mouths, then the paste of mint paste for 1 month, face will become beautiful.

2.Put the gram flour in the pan and put it on the face.

Grind 20-25 grain black pepper rose water and put it on face in the night; Wash it with warm water in the morning, it cleanses the face, cleansing wrinkles.

3. Drink daily raw tomato juice, it shakes the body’s dirt.

4. Wash the face neem with soap. Wash with lemonade; If the skin does not become oiled then acne will stop.

5.Soak three spoons of mustard and soak it in a little water. Put the water in the morning only to become the best, put it on the face. Best 20 minutes later, but acne will disappear.

6. Eating jamun also benefits, so that digestive action is done smoothly.

7. Take out a big spoonful of fenugreek powder in half an hour before meals. Get lost Applying raw figs on acne, acne ends.

8.Mixing lemon juice with 4 times glycerine on the face, the face becomes beautiful by removing acne.

Pimples problem

There may be problems with Mohan in teenagers who eat more chocolate. In Norwegian studies, acne causes excessive intake of chocolate and chips and eating fresh and raw vegetables less.

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How to remove Ghamori:-

Sweating in the summer season is natural. If this sweat is not cleaned then it gets dry in the body. Because of this, small grains come out in the body, which are called Ghamoriya. Ghamori is a type of skin disease that gets on the skin in summer and rain. In this, small rashes come out on the skin, which are itchy all the time.

Some simple solutions to get rid of the gullible

1. Grind the leaves of Mehndi and mix it in bath water. With this water, the Ghamori is cured.

2. Massage on the whole body of indigenous ghee eliminates smell.

3. Pouring of multani clay on the body gives the Ghamori and it also provides relief from burns and itching.

4. Mix camphor in coconut oil. Grooming is done away with this whole body massage by heart.

5. Boil neem leaves in water. Gumers are baths with this water bath.

6. Grind basil wood, mixing it in water and mixing it on the body ends the humming.

Well, these are simples stpes which can be followed by anyone to get rid of pimples easily. The main condition is, you need to follow them strictly.


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