How to lose weight well (5 easy methods)

Overweight is detrimental to our body. When it is overweight, it creates a home for many diseases.

This concept is spread among a lot of people that eating food increases the weight. While it is not, food provides energy to our body.

If we want to lose weight, we first have to know why the weight grows. Which is the reason so the weight of our body becomes more than necessary.

It is more than necessary because we eat more then our need. Often, we eat food that is not undigested by the body. This food does build up our body fat.

So the most important factor for weight loss is that we eat as much as we need.

Let us talk today how we can lose weight.

How to lose weight well :

1. Exercise :

Regular exercise is the key point to lose weight easily. This one is the only best way through which you can easily Lose your weight and make fit your body. Exercise is very essential for our body and these make us fit and smart.

2. Seletion of food :

Try eating a meal that has a high amount of calories. This will not increase the amount of fat in our body and will get as much energy as our body needs. There are plenty of food that have a high amount of calories.

Weight loss friendly foods:

1.Whole Eggs.

2.Leafy Greens.


4.Cruciferous Vegetables.

5.Lean Beef and Chicken Breast.

6.Boiled Potatoes.


8.Beans and Legumes.

9. Soups

10. Cottage cheese

3. Beware with Alcohol :

The main factor of weight gain in our body is alcohol, try to get the alcohol away. Alcohol eliminates the brain control on your body and so that our stomach starts to grow so we should try to get away from alcohol.

4. Beware about diet pills:

There are many medicines available in the market which claim that it can reduce our weight. It is our request that you stay away from such drugs. There are no medications that can reduce your weight. Medications can only increase your weight. Sometimes, it also proves to be a murderous medicine for weight loss. So, it is wise to stay away from all of this.

5. Diary or App :

World is changing. So you should use some apps that can record your routine. This will allow you to know which food you are eating more than what you need in a day. You can also keep a diary. Record whatever you eat, and then analyse what food you need.

Weight lose apps:

1. Lose It

2. SparkPeople

3. MyfitnessPal

4. FitBit

5. WeightWatchers

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