How to make a kite at home (step by step guide)

The time of the Sakarat is nearer and we are thinking about how to make a kite at home. On the 14th of January Capricorn Solstice( sakarat), which is celebrated throughout India.

Sakarat is one of the holiest festivals of Bharat. We Celebrate our festival by playing Kite and kanchan.

In this article, we’ll let you step through the way that you can make a kite. To make kites what ingredients you want will be discusse in this article.

Well, most of the content will get you home but still some stuff you have to buy from the market.

So let’s start how you can make a kite at home.

How to make a kite at home :-

1.To make a kite you first need two bamboo dowels, Tape or glue and paper or polyethylene

2.First fold the paper or polythene half vertical.

3. Now cut the paper or polyethylene that is in excesses.

3.Now Place the shorter one of your dowels in this crease and tape it.

4. Now place the other dowels on the paper on corner which are not used by the first dowels.

5. Stick these dowels hard by tape.

6. Now use twine to fly your kite.

How to use twine in kite to fly high:-

1. After make a kite, let we know how to use twine in kite.

2. Place the twine at small dowels and cross of both dowels as shown in pictures.

3. Please make enough length of the twine.

4. Now fly your kite in the sky.

Please be very careful with the steps when you make a kite at home because any mistake can irritate your kite. Celebrate your festival with family and enjoy the life.

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