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How to Make Career in the Beauty Industry, Top Four Job Role

How to make career in Beauty Industry ?

With 15 to 20% increase in cosmetic market every year, beauty business is growing rapidly in the country today. You can make career in Beauty Industry very easily.

Today, India’s beauty and cosmetic retail market is at 950 million dollars, by 2020, it will cross 2.68 billion-dollar figures.

Beauty Care Market, which is the main partner of the Valenace Market, Saloons, cosmetic products, cosmetic treatment center is half full. In the last few years, increasing demand for beauty related services in the country has resulted in tremendous growth in the Indian cosmetic industry.

According to a research report, Indian cosmetic industry has a strong base of anger for current and new SP rentals. According to another report, a significant increase in the sales sector has been recorded in this market. Based on this, the growth rate of this industry is estimated to be around 17% annually. If you are thinking about making a career in beauty industry, then your chance is not limited to the make-up artist’s hair stylist. There are also other career options in the industry that you can choose from.

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Top Four Job Roles in Beauty Industry

1. Cosmetologist

Cosmetologists work with their clients to make them Perfect Personality, including Face, Hair and Body. As an Expert, it offers services like Professional, Hair Styling, Makeup Application, Massage Therapy, Skin Care Treatment, Nail Art. Although a cosmetologist has information on services towards beauty treatments, they have to make special courses for special specialization. It is a best career in beauty industry.

1.1 Career Opportunities

Start your services as a cosmetologist in High End Salons. You can do things like skin expert, hair specialist, wedding event stylist, salon manager, market specialist for cosmetic product company, beauty cosmetic teacher. You can also open your salon.

1.2 Learned here

National and Regional Vocational Training Institute, VLCC Institute of Beauty Health and Management, Shahnaz Hussein Institute can study from any institute in the field.

2. Fashion photographer

A photographer is very important in the fashion industry because people of this profession only make the present score of the models live. A photographer launches the launch of any cosmetic product in the market on the basis of modeling fashion photography. Professionals, models, as well as designers, cosmetic brands, magazines, spas, salons work for the promotion of Clothe Beauty Products etc.

2.1 Career Opportunities

To make a career in beauty and skin care, it is important for you to be creative, to understand ethical and keep on photography skills. Apart from this, fashion designers can join beauty fashion brands, magazines, and work in areas such as media, film industry.

2.2 Learned here

Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Commerce New Delhi
Raghu Roy Center for Photography Gurujram
Indian School of Photography New Delhi
National Institute of Design

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3. Beauty blogger

If you have information on the large scale of the beauty industry and you want to bring your information in front of everyone, then the internet can help you. Using the Internet, you can share your knowledge with text, video, blog or any medium. You can provide information related to beauty products reviews, makeup tutorials, beauty tips, trends etc. in your blog or website.

3.1 Career Opportunities

To become a beauty blogger, you can prepare your own blog or start a channel on YouTube. Along with this, if you want to start working as a freelancer for a website or blog already established. After some time experience, you can start your venture.

3.2 Learned here

There is no need for any formal education for blogging, yet you can do a diploma certificate course in communication, journalism, fashion, communication, cosmetology, degree diploma.

4. Image consultant

This professional tells a person how they should look, what to wear, how to walk, how to eat, or how to talk. Apart from all this, they also work on improving their communication skills, etiquette etc. for the development of the client’s over-the-counter personality. Today, there is a huge demand in the heavy market, including the corporate sector of such experts.

4.1 Career Opportunities

You can work in the corporate and retail sector, in addition to the airline industry, hospitality industry, fashion industry, etc. to start the career. These industrial sectors have job rolls such as wardrobe consultants, fashion stylists, makeover consultants, image consultants.

4.2 Learned here

To Create an Image Consulting Professional
Image Consulting Business Institute
Institute Calangial Milan, Mumbai
Study Impact Image Consultant from Mumbai and Bengaluru.

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