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How to Make Creative Blog Post, Audience will Follow Themselves

Blogging is a hobby of you, or you need business, making it creative, you can reach out to a large number of readers.
Throughout the world, blogging has become a popular platform for personal exchange of views. If you have started or started planning your blog, keeping in mind such things as writing, you can make it more surcharged and effective. The first condition for this is that the content of your blog is something that meets someone’s needs. Think about your audience and try to know what they like. If you need Ideas then you can get help from the questions asked on your blank. Apart from this, you can attract as many audiences as possible before and after publishing the blog, keeping these points in mind.

There are some tips to make creative blog post

1. The most important is the Head line

Headline blog post is considered to be one of the most so should write a friendly and interesting head line. One research has shown that 8 out of 10 people read only the headline, not even opening the full post. The title of your post is very important for its SEO. because by including keywords, your post is optimized for search engines. Also, while creating the Headline, you must think about your reader’s requirements.

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Generate curiosity in the leader with question
If any important question has been raised in your blog post, then people would like to have a discussion about it. Especially, by raising any questions at the end of the post, you can start a debate among the readers. This will not only lead to the reader but also add more readers.

2. Include images

Each time the colors and designs of the template are displayed using templates. Old text can also be added with the image which will help blind people. As well as pinting on the pinterest will automatically connect to give the image details. Take keyword motivational text and a call of action for this.

3. Link with old blog posts

When you mention an old topic in your post, then share the link with your old post. This will give your readers more information about the topic and they will stay connected with your site for a long time. Internal linking will help Google understand your website, which will improve search banking.

4. Optimize Content for Search

Use 12 long keyword based questions sometimes in the blog post. This helps to focus the post on the specific objectives of the audience. Avoid adding keywords anywhere, because it will not give you a better experience with leaders.

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5. Section Breaks and All Headings

Scanning your blog post also fears whether it’s special for them or answers to their questions. Therefore, to make scanning easier, it is better to use small sections of text and all headings in the post. Your blog’s paragraph does not contain more than 6 lines of text.

# Do this work after publishing the blog

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Share on
Put a blog post in the social media and tell your readers where the post will be available and why it can be helpful for them. Nowadays most people use the scheduling program for Facebook and Twitter, but you can also post manually.

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* Schedule more tweets

Twitter is so quick to say that specific tweets are exempt from them, especially when you are in a different time zone. So share your new blog post on Twitter somewhere for a few days.
Responding to the comment will increase trust. If you answer the questions of your audience, it will not only make connections with them but also connect with more people, and with good ideas from their comments, you can make necessary improvements in your post.

* Checking page reviews

Get help from your Google Analytics regularly to find out what effect your posters are putting on Readers. This will help you to know which posts get the most pages reverse, which posts get the most pledges and what questions people are using to see your posts. This analysis will help you understand the interests and needs of your leaders.

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