how to make protein shake at home

how to make protein shake at home 1

To be fit and healthy, we need proper diet. Our body is combination of many small parts. All these body parts required protein to maintain.

Protein build body parts and its a compulsory diet if we wana be healthy. But in today lifestyle, we are so busy. By eating fast food we loss our immune system, so protein shake is become an essential part of diet.

There are many protein powders available in market and taking them is not risky at all. Main thing is you chosse proper protein powder according to your need.

Lets we make it at home.

how to make protein shake at home 2

Homemade protein shake

Material required for making protein shake at home


1.5Egg (5 egg contain 22gm protein 3gm carbohydrate 6gm fat)

2. 2Banana(2 banana contain 10gm protein 30gm carbohydrate 0.9gm fat)

3. 1Cup oats(दलिया)(oats contain 10gm protein 40 carbohydrate 4gm fat)

4.3 spoon bournvita or 2 packet of coffee choice is yours.(it contain coofine that very usefull for your body)

5. 2 spoon PEANUT BUTTER (it contain 4gm protein 39gm carbohydrate 6gm fat)

Now follow these steps to make protein shake at home:

Step1.Take milk and get in the jar.

Step2.make a piece of banana and get in the jar.

Step3.Then take a cup of oats and mix in jar.

Step4.then take bournvita or coffee and mix it in jar.

Step5. Take a 2 spoon of peanut butter and mix it in jar

Step6.just grind it in jar.

Step6.take an 5 egg and remove yolk of the egg (because it contain bad fat and chalestrol)just take only white egg.

And at last mix all the items in grinder and mix up from spoon and your delicious and hand made protein shake is ready.

So now by following these steps you can make protein shake at home. These steps are very easy and you can easily do this process but if you think that making protein shake at home is costly to you. We are suggesting some protein shake so you can buy them directly from here

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