How to Prepare Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

How to Prepare Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 1

In today life every person want to be healthy and every mom want to keep their family healthy. Healthy life and healthy body depend on our diet. If we take healthy breakfast then it keeps half of work of our diet. If we include boiled eggs in our breakfast and in our diet it is very good for our health. it gives very positive results to our health.

Eggs are the best sources of protein. By eating it, the body gets adequate nutrition This makes many types of dishes. People should eat eggs according to their health, because it contains high amounts of fat and cholesterol.

Boiled Eggs Nutrition

If we take one hard boil egg it provide about to 75-78 calories, 5 grams protein or 5 gram fat. It also provide Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and minerals.

Every one know how to boiled eggs but the question is that how to make perfect hard boiled eggs ?


Sometimes it happens that we are boiling eggs to make a recipe and it does not boil properly, then all the fun becomes gritty. Sometimes the eggs are broken when peeling and sometimes they remain soft.

How long should you boil eggs

J. According to Janji Lopez-Elt, boil the egg in just 88 degrees Celsius for 11 minutes, so that they can maintain completely nutritiousness. This will not destroy important eggs from the eggs and they will give full benefits to your body.
Girls in Sherborne Girls School in Dorset tested the egg preparation under the leadership of Professor Hull Sosabosky of Brighton University. A team of schoolgirls claimed that she has correctly discovered the secret to boil the eggs and the eggs boils in six minutes.
Take a large vessel to boil the egg properly so that the can not bump in boiling and boil easily. Do not add excess water to the vessel Keep in mind that only the water should be stored in the vessel so that the egg is immersed, i.e. the water

How to Prepare Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 2

Breakfast Eggs

How do you hard boil eggs

1. First of all, pour the egg in a pan and put so much water in it that water should be half an inch above the egg and add salt to it.
2. Then turn on the gas and let the heat cook for 2 minutes.
3. After that, cover it for 10-12 minutes and let it boil. (If you want to boil it can also boil but it takes a little more time to 15 minutes for 12 minutes) Wash with cold water.
4. You can also cool the egg by pouring a little bit of ice.

How to Prepare Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 3

Breakfast Eggs

Perfect hard boil eggs

The mid-sized egg should be shiny. It should not be like yellow or powder The green color should not be seen around it. If this happens, then it should be assumed that the egg has boiled more than necessary.

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