How To Remove Color From Clothes, 3 Easy Ways To Wash Clothes

Indian festival Holi is comes and it takes colors with it. Well, we love festivals but not stains. So this article will help you remove color from clothes.

We know that stains on cloths are very bad but we can remove them. Problems can be increase if we wash in hot water, so whenever possible try to use wash at lower temperature ( Specially bright and dark clothes 🤔🤔).

Everytime whenever you wash branded clothes, please readout all instructions given with it to wash it.

Color stains
Holi color


1. How to wash clothes

2. Remove color stains from clothes

2.1 Using Washing Machine

2.2 By hand wash

2.3 Oxygen bleach pre wash treatment

3. Use Lemon Juice

4. Conclusion

1.How To Wash Clothes To Make Them Look Like New One:-

The fabrics begin to be fed slowly with the old being, but sometimes the clothes start to be fed even though there is less use.

The problem is increasing by washing the cloth in the washing machine. Sometimes the colour of coloured clothing destroys your clothes.

Clothes are also coloured by drying in a tough sun. There are many ways to keep the colour of clothing such as the same as the ones that can be easily maintained to make the clothes good forever.

We are telling you about some ways of clothing being fed. Here are 5 awesome tips to wash cloths and maintain them healthy.

5 Awesome Tips To Wash Clothes:-

Remove fade from cloths
Fade remove

1. Light and dark coloured clothes are washed separately, whenever the clothes are washed from the machine or by hand.

It will not paint each other’s colour on the garments and keep their brightness intact.

2. Avoid drying clothes in the sun. If your clothes are of a very delicate fabric, do not dry them in the sun at all.

If it is necessary, try to reverse them. It does not have direct sunlight on the clothes and they remain shiny.

Dhoop for clothes

3. If you have to protect the clothes from the fed, dip it in the vinegar. If you are washing the clothes with your hands, soak them in the vinegar instead of the detergent. This keeps them shining and they will not even color.

4. To protect the clothes from being fed, it is necessary to listen to them in a proper manner.

After squeezing the cloth properly with water, take a reprimand and rewind and put it right on the wire. It makes the same air in them and dries up nicely.

5. When the clothes are not clean, we soak them in hot water with detergent. It does not clean the clothes, but the Fed also starts to become weak. So avoid warm or lukewarm clothes.

Use sirka to wash clothes

How To Remove Color Stains From Clothes :

To remove color stains from clothes you need to follow these simple steps.

1. To wash any cloth, the first step must be it. Dip cloths in normal water so that easily removable dust remove. Don’t through this water, use it in gardening and save water.

2. Now use any detergent available at home.

Use washing machine to wash clothes
Use washing machine

2.1 Using Washing Machine:-

Take detergent and water in washing machine. Now dip your cloths in water( Detergent Water.

Set washing Machine at its highest point. Like 15 mins wash.

After 15 mins check if cloths are washed or not. If not then again set machine at it high time.

So this are simple steps, you can use to wash cloths using washing machine.

Wash clothes by hand
Wash hand

2.2 By Hand Wash:-

To wash cloths by hand wash, you need a good soap. Simply wash it with easy hand. Don’t wash cloths roughly. Use good quality brush to wash clothes.

Oxygen bleach to wash clothes
Oxygen bleach

2.3 Use Oxygen Bleach Pre Wash Treatment:-

To wash using oxygen bleach follow these simple steps.

Mix one to two tablespoons of oxygen bleach in a gallon of water. Now Leave stained items to soak for up to an hour.

The tough or old stains can be soaked overnight, or treated with an additional two tablespoons of oxygen bleach in the pre-wash solution.

Lemon juice to wash clothes
Lemon to wash

3. Use Lemon Juice :-

Right, You can wash cloths by using lemon. Simply soak the stain in lemon for 15 min. Now scrub it lightly by hand. The stains will be removed easily.

Conclusion : The festival of colors comes a day in a year. So enjoy the festival by playing “Dhulandi” with your love one.

We have clearly discuss some of the best method to wash cloths. If you further needs any help let we help you. Comment In the comments box and our expert team will reply soon.

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