How to Remove Pimples Fast Permanently

How to Remove Pimples Fast Permanently 3

In puberty, after hormonal changes small pimples appear on the face, which makes the face look ugly. These are called pimples and also called acne. Many peoples are using oils and creams while they have oily skins. Most of the oil gets on the skin so avoid to apply cream, oil etc on the face with any lubricant.

It also happens due to hormonal disturbances, not skin cleansing, stomach disorders. Do not blame them by hand, they get scars. Many peoples find answer that how to remove pimples naturally ?

Acne also happens with the bad habits of eating and drinking. When the stomach does not work properly, due to which the toxic substance should come out, it can not come and the poisonous substances spread in the blood and they come out in this form. Foods that contain starch, protein, fat should be avoided. Things made from meat, white sugar, hard tea, pickles, coffee, refined, soft drinks, ice cream, flour should be lowered.How to Remove Pimples Fast Permanently 4


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Natural ways to get rid of  pimples-

If face stains have become deteriorated from the mouths, then the paste of mint paste for 1 month, face will become beautiful.

1 Put the gram flour in the pan and put it on the face. If you do this it is very helpful to remove pimples from face.

2 Grind 20-25 grain black pepper rose water and put it on face in the night; Wash it with warm water in the morning, it cleanses the face, cleansing wrinkles.

3. Drink daily raw tomato juice, it shakes the body’s dirt.

4. Wash the face neem with soap. Wash with lemonade; If the skin does not become oiled then acne will stop.

5. Soak three spoons of mustard and soak it in a little water. Put the water in the morning only to become the best, put it on the face. Best 20 minutes later, but acne will disappear.

6. Eating jamun also benefits, so that digestive action is done smoothly.

7. Take out a big spoonful of fenugreek powder in half an hour before meals. Get lost
Applying raw figs on acne, acne ends.

8. Mixing lemon juice with 4 times glycerin on the face, the face becomes beautiful by removing acne.

9.  Two tablespoons multani clay A spoon rose water Four to five drop of lemon juice. Mix maltani clay, rose water and lemon juice and make a paste. If you want you can add some water to it too. How to find Place this paste on the whole face or just in a pimple place by hand. time Keep this paste from ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it with water.

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