How to save water (10 Ways to do)

We all know how useful water is to us. And we also know the water saving is our need. Do you know only 3% of the water present on Earth is useful for human beings. This 3% water is in reservoirs, in rivers, in the icy mountains and in the ground.

Overall we can say that we have only less than 1% water for use. Hence the need to save water.

We can say that third World war on Earth will be fought for water. Today many of the world countries are battling the water problem.

It is therefore needed to understand how water can be saved. In this article we’ll learn about water saving methods. By applying these methods you can recover your financial rich easily. Try these methods to try to save every drop of water.

How to save water (10 ways to do) :

1. Turn off the taps:

This is the most important step in saving water. Do you know, on an average we waste 6 liter of water every minute by turning on tap when you brush your teeth. It means if we turn off taps we will save 6 liter of water every minute.

2. Boil as much you need:

You must be wondering how water is consumed by boiling water. when water boils, water evaporates and blows up in the air, it a loss of water as well as loss of money and energy.

If you boil as much water as you need, you will save water, energy and money. So now it’s depend on you.

3. Shower with less water:

According a report, as much minute time you spend in shower, you are wasting 17 liters of water. Just think 17 liters water every minute.

You can take help of timer which will remind you if you wanting water in shower. Less shower will save water as well time for you.

You can use shower water in gardening ( all water not have soap), it will help you in saving water.

4. In Washing machine :

Do you know that washing a full load of machine will consume half water and half energy then 2 half loads. It means if you save dirty clothes and wash them with full load will save your money and water.

5. Low flush toilet :

On an average an human being use toilet 5000 times in a year. New modern flush use 6 liters of water then old flush ( use 13 liters of water).

So by selecting a good flush can save more water then you waste.

6. Reduce food waste :

Do you know that to decompose food waste it need more water. It means if you reduce your food waste, you will save water, food and money.

According to a report, by reduce food waste you can make $480 every year.

7. Change gardening time:

By water outdoor plants in early morning and late evening, you can save it. Because at this time, due to less sunlight (or no sunlight) there will be less evaporation of water.

Directly give water to roots, so it goes where it needed. If you give manually water to plants, it will reduce water consumption by 33%.

8. Save Rainwater :

If you save Rainwater, it will save upto 5000 litres of water a year. Rainy water is also helpful for plants rather then tap water. So store rainy water.

9. Be plumbing prepared:

It’s needy to know about plumbing. Keep save your plumber mobile number so that whenever you find any water loss, you can call him and save water.

You can check your kitchen pipes regularly so that there is no water sink in it.

10. Eat less Meat :

Are you wondering, how less Meat will save water. According to a report, rearing animals for meat is incredibly water intensive.

So we have discuss some of the best method to save water. If you are reading this article this is your duty to share it with your friends and apply all these methods at home to save water.

If you have any other methods to save water please do comment in the comment box and we will appreciate your method to save water by inserting it in this article.

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