How to send stickers on whatsapp

WhatsApp makes it more interesting by adding new features. Let we discuss how to send stickers in WhatsApp. To send a sticker in WhatsApp follow this article.

Whatsapp is become most popular messaging app in the world. People who using whatsapp are increasing day by day. As internet users increase in the world, whatsapp users also increased.

Whatsapp launching new features in every update. As you can see latest update of whatsapp in which you can send sticker to your friends.

In this article we will know how to send stickers on whatsapp, so let’s start.

How to send stickers on whatsapp:-

1. Open whatsapp on your smartphone.

2. Once you open whatsapp, select contect, whom you want to send stickers.

3. Now click on the emoji shown in left direction.

4. click on sticker whom you want to send.

How to send image stickers on whatsapp :-

1. To send image as sticker on whatsapp, first of all, you need to install image to sticker converter on playstore or app store.

2. Open playstore and search “image to sticker converter”

3. Install any of the given app and select image to convert as sticker.

4. Open whatsapp and select the contect .

5. Select image and send it to user.

How to download and send sticker on whatsapp :-

1. Open whatsapp and select the user whom you want to send sticker.

2. Now click on the sticker icon.

3. In the bottom, click on the sticker icon shown.

4. Select sticker and send it to whatsapp friends.

How to get stickers on whatsapp :-

1. Sometimes we need readymade whatsapp stickers likes for republic day, independence day, holi and diwali. For these purpose there are some apps on playstore where you get readymade whatsapp stickers.

2. Open playstore and search whatsapp stickers.

3. Now install any of the given app.

4. Open installed app and send awesome stickers with your whatsapp friends.

Note :- While installing any android app on playstore, must check it review and stars. It will give you an idea about is app good or not.

How to send PUBG stickers on WhatsApp:

PUBG is now one of most downloadble and playing game in world. As PUBG starts an 1 cr ruppes tournament with opportunity mobile phones in India, it’s popularity is on sky.

Let we tell which apps help you in sending PUBG stickers on WhatsApp.

1. Install PUBG stickers app.

Click here to install 

2. Now open it and select your favourite stickers to send on whatsapp.

How to send PUBG stickers on WhatsApp

3. That’s complete. Now share stickers on whatsapp and share this article too.


Here is some data about whatsapp :-

Whatsapp is a online internet based messaging service. Currently whatsapp is owned by facebook and works under facebook.

All these steps given above are done in android. iOS may be same with slightly difference.

If this article is helpful for you, please do share it with friends on facebook and whatsapp. If you have any query regarding this article, please do comment in comment box.

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