How to start a blog for free that generate money

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Blogging a wider topic and of course this one can become you income source too, if you take proper planning and topic to start a blog. This article will help you in starting a free blog and we will guide you some basic steps to setup it seo and meta tags.

Start free blog
Free blog

How to start a free blog :

1. Well,  there are many platforms where you can start blogging, but in this article we will recommend blogger. Blogger is a blogging platform which is free forever.

2. Go to and signin using your gmail (mail service offered by google).

3. Now go to create a blog section. Enter your blog name like: A blog for fifa lovers

4. Give a proper web address (domain name) to your blog like: ( will be automaticaly added). You can remove by buying a custom domain name.

5. Now your free blog is ready. Just start writing post on it.

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Free blog seo
Blog seo

How to write post on blogs to get traffic from google.

1. To get traffic from google you have to write post according to google. Google only recommend blogs that are unique and well structured.

2. Setup you meta tags and meta description in your blog. These codes must be go in head section of your blog.

Go to themes and edit. Now on top you will see head section.

Meta Code: <meta name=”description” content=”Tell short about your blog”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”tell code about your blog”>
<meta name=”author” content=”your name”>

3. After submitted these details, now its time to submit you blog on google. Search google webmaster tools on google and open first link. Submit your blog address and verify it.

This is also important :- How to write effective blog post

Free blog writing tips
Blog writing tips

Some points must be followed by you when you write a blog post. Here is points-

1. Your every post must have a minimum of 350+ words in it.

2. Your main keyword must be in 2-4% density (not lover and not to be higher)

3. Try to target a single keyword in single post.

4. First and last paragraph can be conatin you main keyword.

5. Article must writtened for human not for machine. (Very important part)

6. Your blog must be updted every week. You have to write on regular base.

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Hope now you get enough idea on how to start a free blog. If still you have any query please comment, i love comments. You will get reply soon.


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