How to start a business under 1000 $, 5 Easy Steps

Everyone want to become rich in life. All of us have a dream to earn a lot of money but I want to tell you that if you want to become rich in life than you have to start a side hustle as soon as possible in life.

You can start with a small business because there is main thing to become rich great source of income. Every millionaire have 7 sources of income. We can start business under 1000 $ also.

“Money never starts an idea; it’s the idea that starts the money.” – Mark Victor Hansen

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There are 5 Easy Steps to start a business under 1000 Dollar

1. Strategic plan (Cost:- 0$)

A strategic business plan is require for every small and big business because a good business plan is necessary for business growth and success. We can make a good business plan with 0$.

A strategic business plan not require any cost. It’s require only a Pen or Paper. You can also take help with your Mentor. I wanna say that we can make business plan with no money.

2. Web Identity (Cost:- 300$/Year)

Web Identity is a powerful tool in today world. A good Website is a best way to improve our business growth. With your Domain name on internet, you can make strong online brand identity.

If you want create a website for your business, then you can create website with 300$. It depends on your design and work on your website so it can increase or decrease also.


3. Office Space (Cost:- 649$/Year)


Office Space is very important thing in business because it’s a source to meet our clients. Office space also improve our business network.

Start with own office in small business is very costly. In today’s world buy a office is very big deal because cost of land is too high. We are starting a small business so we can take office space on rent.

If take office on rent then it’s cost is very low. We can start our business easily. Rent of office is about 650$.

4. Business Cards (Cost:- 50$/Year)

There is a saying that first impression is last impression. In business world first impression is our business cards so we need to focus on good business card also. We know that in today’s life all information available on internet, on our website. People can collect via email or communication also but business card is also too important in business world.

Cost of making business card is not too high. In small business we can start with 250-300 cards. There is a cost of these business cards about to 50$. We can create business card in 50 Dollar.

5. Social Media (Cost:- 0$)

Social Media is a best way to communicate with customers. Social media increase our productivity or business growth also. Social Media is a powerful tool of marketing and advertising in today’s world.

We can make a Business page or group on social media. We can connect with our fans or customers through social media. Social Media is important for every industry or every small or big business. It’s also impact our sells, brand identity or business growth.

We provided here 5 Easy Steps to start business under 1000$. Friends you can start any small business under 1000$. If we have desire to start a business than our sources is automatically generated.

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“Without ambition no conquests are made, and no business created. Ambition is the root of all achievement.” – James Champy

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