How to take a screen shot on pc (step by step guide)

Screenshots are very essential when you want to capture information. We use screenshot as a proof . We can use them to show something to friends.

Screenshots are very useful now a days. In smartphones taking off screen shots are very easy. You can take screenshot by clicking two buttons on any smartphone. There are many softwares available to capture mobile phone screen to take mobile screenshot .

Now in this article we will know how to take a screenshot of our personal computer or PC. You can access the step-by-step guide in below given step.

How to take a screen shot on pc (step by step guide) :-

Note:- please follow these steps carefully to take screenshot on PC.

1. first of all on your PC open the window which you want to capture.

2. Now Press control + print screen button ( keep Press control button while click print screen button ).

3. Now click on the start button.( start button is located on left side on your PC.)

4. Now click on accessories button which appears in program function of your computer.

5. In accessories click on paint and now paste the screenshot which you captured in step 2. ( you can paste it by simply clicking on V button.)

6. Now to save Window or image simply click on the save button.( the save button will appear in dropdown menu of the file).

7. Now save it on your desired folder your personal computer.

So taking screenshots on a PC is not as hard job as we think. As you can see in the above Steps how to take a screenshot on a PC . You have to follow simply states and your desired screen is captured.

Further the given solution we just want your solutions also. Please do comment how do you take a screenshot on your Windows or PC.

Is there any shortcut which you are using so please share that also with us.

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