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How to Transfer Files From Android to PC: Best Apps

In today’s world every person using android mobile but these are facing issue with data and media. Mobiles don’t have enough space to store data.

How to transfer files from android to pc?

Here are best answer to transfer data from android to pc. If you want to transfer files in your Android phone or tablet to PC, then there are many options available like USB cable, Bluetooth, Cloud sync. You will know that Bluetooth, WiFi or data cable is used for a short distance and can transfer files from email, drop box, Google Drive or one drive if the distance is high. However, to make this work more easily, Airdroid is also available in Pushbullet-like apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. These applications are best applications to transfer files from android to pc or laptops.

There are Best Apps to Transfer Files From Android to PC


AirDroid application uses the same WiFi network for transfer files from android to pc as well as offering notifications of testing tools. Open it on the Android phone in the phone and on the desktop browser, open the and sign in with the user name and password or scan the QR code.

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After connecting, the contact of the phone can be navigated. Airdroid can work like file transfer, open, delete, content and access. Using this application is possible to trace the phone, play sound, lock data, and lock the mobile.


Through this app, you can easily transfer files, links, text, notes, lists and web pages between Android phones and PCs. Apart from supporting push notifications, all the phone’s notifications can sleep on the PC. For this, when you see a list of all the tools on PC, start file transfers between the two devices.


The way to install and download this application is similar to PushBullet and Airdroid. Then just open it by using and using it. Select the same file in the app that is to be sent. After selecting File, you will see a URL which will open the file in this browser and you will get that file.

Other Best Useful Apps


Scripts app teaches a Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages ​​to read and write. The letters in these languages ​​are for special texture. Whatever script you want to learn, its script allows you to do small exercises after showing the characters in that language, in which you can make yourself any time by swiping on your screen. This website is the best of subscriptions.


Through SLOWLY, you can work with your Smartphone to contact Traditional Pan Friend, create new pan friends, search for a passionate person like you, write a letter, and collect steps from around the world. This app is designed for people who are willing to communicate meaningful in the field of instant messaging. You connect it with a slow but better speed, though one can send a letter to it at one time.

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SW True-Fi Beta

SW true Fibeta app helps you tune sound settings according to the kind of headphones you plug in on your smartphone. For this, select the preferred headphones of your choice from the list and make the other work or app.

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