How to use Paytm postpaid balance : Full details to activate

How to use Paytm postpaid balance : Full details to activate 1

Recently Paytm (India’s largest online wallet) launched Paytm postpaid balance service through which you can use Paytm service with free credit and pay next month.

Note :- currently Paytm stopped their postpaid service as they Got much loss in the service. if there will be any further notification from postpaid service we will update this post.

What is paytm postpaid:

Paytm postpaid is free balance or free Paytm money which you can use free for every month and pay it letter.

How to activate Paytm postpaid account:

To activate Paytm postpaid account you need to follow some simple steps.

1.Open Paytm app and go to Paytm postpaid section.

2.Now click on activate Paytm postpaid.

3. It will show amount in your Paytm postpaid account that you can use free every month and pay it letter.

How to activate Paytm postpaid if it not in my Paytm app :-

As of now Paytm postpaid is only available for selected users. No one knows what algorithms Paytm used to select users for Paytm postpaid account. But here we are comes with some simple steps to make you an paytm postpaid user. To become a Paytm postpaid user

follow the given steps.

Note : This method is not be 100% working. So use it, if it works for your account.

1.First of all open Paytm app and now go to flight section

2.Now book a flight using Paytm within its flight section

3.Apply any given promo code in Paytm app and select upi as a payment mode.

4.At here enter your upi and go for payment. ( No need to complete payment)

5.Once it go to payment window click back button and go to Paytm homepage.

6.Now you will see Paytm postpaid section. Now click on it and activate Paytm postpaid account.

How to use Paytm postpaid money/Balance:-

Paytm postpaid is provided by Paytm so initially Paytm postpaid money is only available to use on Paytm app. You can use it for recharge, shopping and other services provided by Paytm.

1. Recharge:- you can use Paytm postpaid for recharge your mobile numbers. you can pay electricity bill payment, you can recharge your DTH.

2. Shopping:- Paytm postpaid is also available for shopping you can buy anything on Paytm Mall using Paytm postpaid money.

3. Book Movies:- Paytm postpaid balance is also available to book movies on Paytm. you can avail launched offers and book your favourite movie on Paytm.

4. Travel booking:- Paytm postpaid money can be used booking your travel agent. You can book any route through your Paytm postpaid money.

Where I can’t use Paytm postpaid money :-

You can’t use Paytm postpaid money to transfer it into your bank account. you can’t pay using your Paytm postpaid money at offline stores. Paytm postpaid money is not available to use on petrol pumps or any other services else recharge, shopping ,movie booking and travel booking.

Paytm postpaid money is not available to transfer to other accounts or to your friends.

This is a good initiative by Paytm to help you by providing Some credit balance without any charges so that you can make your financial rich.

if you have any query regarding activating your Paytm postpaid account please do comment in the comment box and we will reply as soon as possible.if this article was helpful for you please do share it with your Facebook or WhatsApp friends.

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