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How to watch live cricket match :Free live cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular games in today’s time. This is why cricket is played in many countries today. As there are plenty of cricket games like one Day, Test match and 20 20 so the fantasy of watching live cricket is on peak. The 20 20 and one day are very famous.

Before we explain some of the best method to watch live cricket match here are some important facts about cricket game.

Important facts about cricket:-

  1. Cricket was first played in 16th century
  2. The first match was played between south east England
  3. The highest governing body of cricket is International Cricket Council (ICC)
  4. Cricket can be played by men and women
  5. Cricket is played world wide but it is famous in Indian subcontinent Australia, South Africa, West Indies and England.
  6. Cricket is not played in Olympics ( only 1900 summer Olympic)

As above we have discussed some of the important facts about cricket. Now we will know ways through which we can watch live cricket match.

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Ways to watch live cricket match :-

1. Hotstar:-

How to watch live cricket match
Hotstar live cricket match

There are many ways through which you can watch live cricket match but hotstar is more reliable between them. As hotstar is available on android and IOS and you can access this through internet. So let we discuss how to watch live cricket match using hotstar.

So to watch live cricket download hotstar app by click here. You can download it by search on play store or app store.

Once you have downloaded the app, Sign in to your account, and open Hotstar app. Now, go to the sports section and open cricket subcategory on Hotstar.

How to watch live cricket match updtes :-


Watch live cricket
Cricbuzz live cricket

TO get live cricket update, visit cricbuzz website. Cricbuzz is one of best website where you can get live cricket updates.

Open cricbuzz website.

Now go to live cricket section.

Get updated score live on cricbuzz website. You can download cricbuzz android app also.

Here we have discuss some of the best ways to get cricket match updates and watch live cricket . If you have any other methods to watch live cricket or get cricket updates please do comment in the comment box and we will update this article.

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