How To Lose Weight Fast At Home,14 Easy Tips

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home,14 Easy Tips 1

High weight and low weight, both are physical illness. If we ignore them, our health will ignore us. So today, we in this article give you tips to lose weight fast and best part is, you can lose weight at home. Read tips to gain weight

Problems like obesity and abdominalization are increasingly seen in people nowadays. According to a research, 56% Indians have been afflicted with obesity or have been BMI more than usual. Due to obesity, you are not only suffering from fatigue, laziness and excessive appetite, but it can also give you many serious diseases. Doctors believe that obesity incre ases the risk of diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney failure, asthma etc.


You do not have to do dieting to lose weight. Even if you make some changes in your daily routine, you can still be successful in weight loss. If you keep your diet balanced, then there will be no extra fat in your body. Let’s tell you there are some tips for balance in food, which will help you lose weight.

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14 Weight lose tips:

Steps and tips for weight loss:

1.The way of weight gain is very simple. If you do not burn as much calories as you eat, then it is decided to increase your weight. Actually, the remaining calorie only gets accumulated in our body as fat and our weight gets increased.

2.It is important for weight loss to start exercising. At the beginning whether you reduce exercise, but later extend its time.

3.Stop taking junk food. Sometimes the habit of eating junk food too.

4.Eat food at a certain time, besides eating food two hours before sleeping.

5.You wake up in the morning and drink a glass of lemon and honey in a glass of lukewarm water daily.

6.Dessert and sweets may be your favorite but to lose your weight , you must forget about sweet and salt, or reduce their quantity. should water drink water after one hour of eating food.

8.Finish breakfast. If you are working then it is very important to have breakfast or else you will feel hungry before lunch, then you will not be able to stop yourself without eating some snacks which is helpful in increasing obesity.

9.Make water your main drink: At the time of breakfast, make sure to use orange juice, tea, milk etc. But after that use water for the whole day. Do not touch the cold-drink and also keep complete control over tea and coffee. This way you will consume less 200-250 calories less everyday.

10.Drinking green tea makes good metabolic system. By this you can burn up to 400 calories in a week. Not only this, green tea also contains antioxidants, which are beneficial in many ways.

11.If you are hungry, instead of eating some snacks you can eat salad carrots, cucumbers, cucumber granules, salads, pomegranate, roasted snacks, etc.

12.In a research conducted in South Africa, it was found that if a person eats 5-6 times a day, instead of eating in the morning, afternoon, evening, then he 30% less calories consume. And if she is taking as much calorie as she consumes three times, even after doing this, the body releases less insulin, which keeps your blood sugar accurate and you feel less hungry too.

12.This is absolutely right. In the half-hour sex session 150 to 200 calories burn. But this depends on the way you think about sex. In addition to missionary positions, other athletic sex positions are adopted, both sex, cardio and toning work as a precaution. During sex, heartbeat increases, blood circulation increases and fat burns.

13.If your routine is such that you do not have to move your body then it is almost certain to increase your weight. Especially those who live in the house or sit on the chair at office all day should deliberately involve some physical activity in their daily-life. As you use the stairs instead of the lift, play a game of your interest, such as badminton, table-tennis, etc. If you can afford a treadmill or a gym cycle and use it regularly, it will be quite beneficial. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to get used to the habit of strolling for a while.

Studies have shown that metabolism is true for people who drink milk. To lose weight, it is necessary that you drink the milk of that cow which eats grass. There is a special type of acid in the milk of such cows, which increases the speed of burning fat in the body.

Yoga for weight lose

Above the article, we have discussed 14 easy tips to lose weight.
Let we lose weight using yoga gestures.
These yoga gestures are easy to do and are very effective in losing weight and make you fit and healthy.

Sun Salutation (Surya Namskar ):

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home,14 Easy Tips 2

This is the king gestures in yoga. We called it starting point. Sun Salutation (Surya Namskar ) works best on our body to make it healthy. Its very easy yoga gesture and work like a devil on over weight. Surya Namskaar tones the neck, shoulders, spine, arms, hands, wrists, leg, and back muscles.

2.Bow Pose:

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home,14 Easy Tips 3

Bow pose tones your arms and legs. Bow pose stretch your abdominal region which further help you in reducing weight and bally fat.

3. Angle Pose:

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home,14 Easy Tips 4

Angle pose works best in terms to lose weight. It strech your body in an angle shape which burn your bally fat.

4. Warrior Pose:

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home,14 Easy Tips 5

This pose will help you in increasing your stamina. Warrior pose tones legs, arms, and lower back which finally burn your fat. While maintaining the posture, it is recommended to breathe in ujjayi breath

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