Instagram Photo Downloader


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One of the great, easy to use, high-quality Instagram photo downloader website. The use process of Instagram photo downloader is very easy to use. This tool doesn’t occupy any space on your website for use. If you download other tools, they will occupy space on your device and space.

Instagram photo Downloader
Instagram photo Downloader

You need to paste the URL of the photo from Instagram app to Instagram photo downloader and it will automatically extract your photo in high-quality photo formats. This tool allows you to download your photo in multiple quality. Just click on the download button and your photo will be download.

How To Download Instagram Photo Online?

Instagram is a social media website that allows you to share only images and video through this. In starting days it was allows only image sharing, but now you can share video and create short reel videos.

Sometimes we check some awesome photos on Instagram, but as Instagram not allow to download images we have to take help of other tools.

At this point we come-up with a new tool that is binghow Instagram photo downloader.

Also Check: Tiktok Video Downloader

Also Check: Instagram reels Downloader

In this section, we are sharing a step by step tutorial about Instagram Photo downloader.

  1. First of all, you need to open the Instagram app
  2. Now click on the image which you want to download
  3. Click on the share image button and copy the URL of the image
  4. Now open Binghow Instagram photo Downloader
  5. Paste image URL here
  6. It will open a popup
  7. Select the quality of your photo you want to download
  8. Photo will be get downloaded.
  9. Share this image with friends and family.

Key Features of Instagram Image Downloader:

  • Original HD quality Photo in almost every version of quality
  • You can download Instagram images on any device like mobile, pc or tab
  • No need to install extra software to download photos. Use your browser and download your choice images.
  • It is always free. No charge will be taken from your side.
  • Fewer ads than any other software

Tips To Copy Instagram Image Link?

It’s not a very difficult task to copy the Instagram photo link. But sometimes many users face such issues in photo sharing and copy them. Here in this section, we are sharing to do tips to copy Instagram photo links.

Follow these tips to copy Instagram images Link:

1. Open Instagram App on your smartphone

2. Click on the photo you want to download

3. Now click on the share button or three dots.

4. Copy image url.

5. Now open Instagram photo downloader.

6. Paste that link here.

7. It will automatically save your photo.

To take any Instagram pic, you can use these free tools unlimited time regularly.

How To Download Instagram private Photo?

Instagram private photos are locked. So any user cant download private account photos.