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Instagram Reels Downloader: 

Instagram Reels Downloader
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One of the best, high-quality Instagram reels downloader website. The use process of Instagram reels downloader is very easy to process.

You need to paste the URL of the video from Instagram reels to Instagram reels downloader and it will automatically extract your video in high-quality video format. Just click on the download button and your reels video will be download. 

After download maybe your reel video not open, so try to use your video player like MX Player to play it. If still you face an issue to rename the video and it will run successfully play.

How To Download Instagram Reel Video Online?

The Instagram reel is a new alternative to TikTok, and now almost every Instagram user makes a video using it. There are some issues when we try to download those Instagram reels videos. So to download those Instagram reels videos, You can use the Binghow Instagram reels downloader. 

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In this section, we are sharing a step by step tutorial about Instagram reels downloader. 

  1. First of all, you need to open the Instagram app
  2. Now click on the video which you want to download
  3. Click on the share video button and copy the URL of the video
  4. Now open Binghow Instagram Reels Downloader
  5. Paste video URL here
  6. It will open a popup
  7. Select the quality of your video you want to download
  8. Reels video will be get downloaded. 
  9. Share this video with friends and family.

Key Features of Instagram Reels Downloader: 

  • Original HD quality video in almost every version of quality
  • You can download Instagram reels video on any device like mobile, pc or tab
  • No need to install extra software to download videos. Use your browser and download your choice video.
  • It is always free. No charge will be taken from your side. 
  • Fewer ads than any other software 

What Is Instagram Reels: 

We all know this very well, the Instagram reel is a new competitor for very known short video maker TikTok. The Instagram reel was a new product launched by Instagram. It is one of the most used and acquired by Facebook social media site that mainly focuses on image sharing. 

The main focus behind Instagram reels is to create short entertaining videos focus on user interest and taste. 

Tips To Copy Instagram Reels Video Link?

It’s not a very difficult task to copy the Instagram reels video link. But sometimes many users face such issues in video sharing and copy them. Here in this section, we are sharing to do tips to copy Instagram reels video links.

Follow these tips to copy Instagram Reels, Video Link:

1. Open Instagram App on your smartphone

2. Click on the reels video you want to download

3. Now click on the share button or three dots. 

4. Copy video URL 

5. Now open Instagram reels video transfer. 

6. Paste that link here.

7. It will automatically save your video.

To take any Instagram reels video, you can use these free tools unlimited time regularly. 

How To Download Instagram Reels private Video?

Instagram private video are locked. So any user cant download private account videos.

How Do I Download Instagram Videos: 

So you are looking for a platform that easy to use and allows you to download Instagram videos?

Well, First of all, I don’t understand why people share apps for this simple task. What do they mean?.

Should we download an app to download a video? No sense.

Here I am sharing a website that allows you to download Instagram videos in a very easy process.

How do I Download Instagram Videos?

1. First of all, Copy the video URL from Instagram, you can do this by click on the 3 dots.
2. Now put your link on the Instagram video downloader.
3. You will get a pop-up and your video gets downloaded very easily.
4. Now do share this post with all your friends and tell them that you found a tool that works smoothly for Instagram video download. 

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