Top 10 Horror Movies: You Should Must Watch

Top 10 Horror Movies

Hollywood is known for its high profile films whether it is a romantic film or action and horror.  Hollywood has 10 horror movies that make the you sleepy.  For this reason they have been banned.  The motive behind the banning of the film is that these movies can prove to be fatal for the weak hearted.

1. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)

The Human Centipede film, based on human atrocities, is banned in the UK and Australia.  The scenes shown in the film are quite provocative which can distract anyone.

Horror.    R – 92 minutes


8 wins & 3 nomination

2.  Scarface (1983)

‘Scarface’ is a crime based film in which several bizarre scenes have been shot.  It is believed that people do not sleep for several days after watching this film.

Scarface on YouTube

Crime, Drama .   R – 170 minutes


Nominated for 3 Golden Globes.

Another 4 nominations.

3.  I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

‘I Spit On Your Grave’, based on the story of a girl who is raped by four people, and then brutally murdered.

Horror, Thriller. R – 108 minutes


2 nominations.

4.  The Last House on the Left 2009

The film ‘The Last House on the Left’ is based on two teenage girls who are kidnapped and haresed by two men.  In this crime based film, it was banned due to many heart-pounding scenes.

Horror/Thriller. R – 1h 54 minutes


1 win & 8 nominations.

5.  Battle Royale (2000)

‘Bottle Royal’ is a Japanese film released in 2009.  It was banned due to several dangerous blood scenes in the film.

Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi. R – 114 minutes


7 wins & 9 nominations.

6. Hostel (2005)

The film ‘Hostel’ was released in three parts.  The first part of the film was released in 2005.  In the story of this film, two students go on a trip to Europe, during this time they stay in a hostel where there are scary secrets and ghostly shadows.  The film was banned because it had some objectionable scenes about Christianity.

Horror.    R – 94 minutes


4 wins & 12 nominations


7.  A Clockwork Orange (1971)

The film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ was released in the year 1971.  But now it has been banned due to many disturbing scenes.  Based on the novel, the film revolves around a man who is imprisoned due to rape and murder and tries his best to escape from the prison.

Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi. R – 136 minutes

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Nominated for 4 Oscars.
Another 9 wins & 19 nominations.

8.  Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

The American based horror film ‘The Texas Chain Saw Mice Care’, directed by Tob Hooper, was released in 1974.  The film was based on a real-life killer.  In this film, there is a chain saw killer who goes on a rampage to kill five friends.

Horror Thriller.   R- 92 minutes


2 wins & 7 nominations.


9.  The Green Inferno (2013)

The film ‘The Green Inferno’ is based on an activist group of students who are trying to save the Amazon forests.  Instead he is trapped in an island where cannibals are inhabited.  But this group is massacred by cannibals.  It was banned due to the film having very exciting scenes.  The film was banned due to the relationship between the two men.

Adventure, Horror.  R –  100 minutes


1 win & 6 nominations.


10. A Serbian Film (2010)

The story of this film revolves around a pornstar who is struggling with financial crisis.  After this she gets ready to work in art films.  She starts to work with the art film as simple, but she does not know that the film is based on characters like pedophiles and necrophilia who are involved in massacres.  Finally, this pornstar is killed.

Horror, Mystery, Thriller.  NC-17 –  104 minutes


1 win & 3 nominations.


These movies are the top 10 Horror movies. You will sure enjoy after watching. Please make sure that if you have strong heart than make plan to watch theses horror movies so you can sleep. If you have weak heart than these horror movies can prove to be fatal.