Best Affiliate Program In India: Join 1000+ Affiliate At Single Place

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is one of the easy, clean, and best methods to monetize your website. Affiliate marketing is a process where you promote other products and commission on each sale. Along with the affiliate program, you can use AdSense and AdSense alternatives to monetize your website.

Well, when we start with affiliate marketing, we need to register with the affiliate partner. It looks very easy in terms of partners. You can start with the Amazon affiliate program, Flipkart affiliate, or Paytm affiliate. But when you want to start with more than 3, you need a partner who can handle all these partners.

How affiliate marketing works

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At that single partner website, you get a personalized dashboard where you can get more than 1000+ websites and their products to promote.

So in this article, we are going to share the best affiliate program in India that will handle all affiliate programs on your behalf.

Best Affiliate Program In India:

Which is the best affiliate program?:

An affiliate program that pays for each and every sale, offers 1000+ affiliate partners, daily offers, and multiple formats of affiliate like CPL, CPC, CPS, and CPI. Along with all these benefits, you get a very low minimum withdraw.

So let’s Start,

Cuelinks- Easy Affiliate Program In India:

Cuelinks is one of the best affiliate marketing programs in India. Cuelinks offers all those things that are required to be in the best affiliate program.

Some feature like:

  • Multiple Formats
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Easy code (Blogspot)
  • 1000+ Affiliate Programs
  • Low withdraw amount (RS 500)
  • Simple and clean dashboard

Find interesting, let us dive in it and explore all features and benefits in deep.

The first and basic step is to Join Cuelinks.

After filling all your details, confirm your email id, here is cuelinks dashboard.

Cuelinks dashboard shows clicks on affiliate links, Conversion, and earnings.

Best Affiliate Program In India

Best Affiliate Program In India

Click on campaign Explorer to find the required affiliate program. Like for Flipkart, search Flipkart. For CPI, search Cpi, and it will show all products that math to search results.

Best Affiliate Program In India 1

As here you can see, Alibaba Affiliate offers 706 for every app install. That’s amazing.

Try with other different options, and you will get more affiliate products.

Now click on any of one product you want to promote. Like in this situation we click on ALibaba CPI.

Best Affiliate Program In India 2

On click on generate a link, it will generate a link. You can click on the short link button to short URL.

Best Affiliate Program In India 3

Well, if you writing number of articles on your website, you can use other cuelinks options that will automatically convert all your outgoing links to affiliate links.

Best Affiliate Program In India 4

Here 4 other options available:

1. Java Script:

Use javascript to get a personalized code for your website. This code will convert all your outgoing links into affiliate links. when someone will click on these link you will get affiliate commission.

2. Android SDK:

If you have an android app and want to monetize it it with cuelinks, then you will get all the required details here.

3. Cuewords:

It will add links to all required keywords.

Best Affiliate Program In India: Join 1000+ Affiliate At Single Place 3

See cuewords in action,

Best Affiliate Program In India 5

As you see, it converts text into Affiliate links so every time any interested user click on these links you will get a commission.


It will create a Coupon box. Place this coupon box on any web page. Every time when a user uses these coupon codes, you will get a commission.

There are other important features that are too available on Cuelinks.

1. Link kit: 

A link kit is a very useful feature. Find a product on any website. Like you find a Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon. You want to promote this product only. Here you can use link kit to convert this link into Affiliate link.
Every time when someone will purchase this Bluetooth speaker, you will get a commission.

2. Offers: 

In this cuelinks section, you will get all live offers, Promote these offers on your affiliate website and get a commission.

Minimum Payout:

We know, how it feels when we not reach the minimum payout. But at cuelinks no more waiting for payout reach.

Cuelinks offers minimum payout in the industry. You can request money once you reached at RS 500. So no more waiting for payout reach.

So guys, how you are going to use cuelinks in your affiliate marketing journey. Do comment and share this post all those guys who are looking for something cool to monetize there website.

Also, Do share your thoughts about your affiliate marketing journey. Maybe your journey can motivate someone and you become reason for the happiness of someone.

That’s all for the day, see you soon in the next post.

Take care all.

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