Free Paytm Cash App: Get Daily 500+ Paytm Cash

How many of us don’t like free Paytm cash? Well, We all like it. So in this article, I am going to share some amazing money-making methods which will help you to make daily 500 or more Paytm cash at home.

Genuinely, here I am going to share websites or app that help me in getting Paytm cash. These Paytm cash apps help me and now will help you.

Also, I am adding some screenshots too, so you will get payment proof too.

Before we start let we understand survey websites:

Survey websites help big brands in launching their next products. Companies get an idea about there customers and their behavior. And so we are making some cash by sharing our thoughts about there products.

So let’s start.

Free Paytm Cash App:

1.  IndiaSpeaks:

An Indian company that took the survey and paid on time. At Indiaspeaks you will get a survey almost daily and amount of Rs 70 or more. The length of a survey is nearly 15 mins. So it is one the best website that can help you to make free Paytm cash at home.

There is no need to log in again and again in their dashboard, You will get daily surveys at your email id. Take a survey from that and you will get Paytm cash.

Payment Method:

  • Paytm Cash
  • Mobile Recharge

Payment Proof:

Free Paytm Cash
Paytm Cash
Free Paytm Cash App
Payment Proof

1. Join IndiaSpeaks Now and earn free Paytm cash.


2. Crownit:

Another free Paytm cash giving app. By taking a survey you will get up to Rs100 Paytm cash. No min withdrawal and easy surveys. You will get free Paytm cash in the Paytm wallet in 7 days of competing for a survey. The best part is easy to process and payment methods.

Payment Proof:

Free Paytm Cash

You can Join Crownit.

3. SurveyTimes:

This website is very most trusted in the payment system. Instant money in your PayPal account. For every survey you will complete here, you will be rewarded instantly by $1. No waiting time. No minimum widhdraw.

How To Join SurveyTime: 

Follow these simple steps to join survey time:

1. Join surveytime by click here.

2. Fill your details like email and mobile number.

3. Now it will take you to the survey part.

4. Complete a simple survey and as a survey completed, you will ask to put your PayPal email id.

5. As soon you submit an email id, you will get a mail from PayPal that surveytimes deposit $1 in your account.

SurveyTime has a 5-star rating on all rating platforms. So there is no worry about your payment.

Join today and get $1 easy money daily.

Payment Proof Of Surveytimes: 

Survey times payment proof