How to make 10,000 Dollar in a month 4 Easy Steps

Many people have dream to become millionaire in their life but everybody can not become millionaire. We need to understand million dollar maths. If we know how can we make 1 Million Dollar then there is easy to become millionaire in life.

There are 4 Easy Steps to make from 10$ to 10000$

1. Learnhow to make 10$

Start off low. Before you shoot for the stars, learn how to make your first buck, very important. There is saying that 1000 miles of journey start from one step. That’s important thing that you have to start small.

2. If you can make 10$, you can make 100$

Build on your first success, repeat the process 10X, Replicate it with a more expensive product or service or optimize it.

If you can make 10$ then you can also make 1000$, you need to understand how you make 10$ and try this 10 times. You will surely make 100$.

3. If you can make 100$, you can make 1000$

Gather financial intelligence and experience from the first 2 steps and improve from there. You will improve your skills and knowledge via the steps and improve your skill on the way.

If you can make 100$ then you can also make 1000$ because it’s same like before created 100$ from 10$. My friend it’s not too hard to make 1000$.

4. If you can make 1000$, you can make 10000$

You can make 10$-100$ as a complete amateur. If you hit 1000$ it means you were able to create a solid fundament. Now you can scale it on stable ground. As you can see it’s all a learning process from 1 to 4.

After completing 3 steps, now you completely understand how can you make money. You can make 10000$ or 1 Million $ also. Main thing is to start from small. We have to take small step in our life. If we start with one start then we will also try for next steps.

Here I want to tell you how can You make 1 Million Dollar in one year.

1. You need to create 200$ product and sell it to 5000 people or create 17$ service and serve to 5000 people for 12 months.

2.You need to create 500$ product and sell it to 2000 people or create 42$ service and serve to 2000 people for 12 months.

3.You need to create 1000$ product and sell it to 1000 people or create 83$ service and serve to 1000 people for 12 months.

4.You need to create 2000$ product and sell it to 500 people or create 167$ service and serve to 500 people for 12 months.

5.You need to create 3333$ product and sell it to 300 people or create 278$ service and serve to 300 people for 12 months.


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