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How to register to vote in India, check name in voter list 2019

Many of us want to vote but the problem is they are not registered at voter. Voting is our right, so let we know how to vote in India. Let say how to register to vote #india.

General elections in India are nearby and you want to support your leader. It’s very mandotry that you are registered for elections and your name in voter list 2019.

Doing vote is not only a right, it is compulsary. In any country where they have democracy, it is great to vote. To vote means the victory of democracy and democracy means the public, on the public, by the public.

There are many people who think that what is going to change from there one vote. But they forgot that there ancestors struggled for years for the sake of a corresponding vote.

We did not have the right to vote in the first age, so only the people of one family would rule us. But because today we have the right to vote, we can decide who will rule us.

In all countries where democracy is valid, some rules contain the law to vote. All countries must follow the rules and the law.

What is voting :

Voting is a method for a group, such as a meeting or an electorate. To make a collective decision or express an opinion.

In this article, we will learn what kind of legal action needed to vote in any country. What qualifications are required to vote, and how to register yourself to vote.

How to register to vote in india :

Qualification Needed to vote in india:


1. must be an indian Citizen

2.have attained the age of 18 years on the qualifying date i.e. 1st of January of the year of revision of electoral roll.

3.are ordinarily resident of the part/polling area of the constituency where he want to be enrolled.

4. are not disqualified to be enrolled as an elector.

How To Check Name In Voter List 2019:-

You may be worried about how you can check your name in vote list 2019. This one is not an hard task. To check your name in vote list 2019, follow these simple steps and get.

1. Visit Electoral voter Search website

2. Fill your details like name, father’s name and other details as per given image.

Register to vote #india
Register from

3. Fill other details given in image.

Register to vote #india

4. It will show, if you are registered or not.

These four steps will help you in checking name in voter list 2019. If you find that your name is in list then it’s good, but if not find your name in voter list 2019, follow these below steps and register yourself for voting in election of 2019.

You can also help your other family members by checking there name in voter list.

If you want to help others in checking or registering name in vote list 2019, share it with those.

How to register to vote :

1. Visit NSVP website here and click on apply online for voter ID card button.

2. Now make account and fill out form 6.

Form 6 to register to vote in india
Form 6

Fill all your details like name, father’s name and other details in form 6.

3. You can submit this form to nearby Electoral officer . Also cary a photocopy of Intermediate marksheet.(For DOB confirmation).

A proof of residence is also needed. So submit any address proof also.

4. Or you can submit it online also.

5. Once your details submitted, you will recive a voter ID card at your home address.

If documents as mentioned above are not in your name but are in your landlord’s name then in this case he or she can sign an affidavit stating that you stay at the mentioned address.

Here is video guide to help you in voting registration :-

These are the steps to register to vote in india. If you have any query regarding” register to vote in india“, please do comment in the comment box. We will reply your comment as soon as possible.

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