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How to use app (step by step guide) is an Android app which can helps you in make money online. You can use app to make your WhatsApp status and impress your friends. is an Android app which has millions of downloads on Play Store and this app has some awesome features.

You can make WhatsApp status using app and without using its own logo on your videos. Yes you can make money online through this video’s if you are able in making some awesome videos.

In this article we will discuss every step by step detail so that you can use App easily.

How to use lyrically app:-

Please keep in mind that every step has its own importance so please follow every step.

1. Download from the Play Store.

2. Now open Android app.

3. Once you open Android app you will see categories on the top of the lyrically app.

4. Select category in which you want to make video for you can select videos from trending.

5. Now click on the button has given in the image.

6. When you click it it will be downloaded in the lyrically application.

7. Now click on use now button.

8. Now select image from the gallery. After selecting image please click on Ok.

9. When you click on Ok button it will show something look like this. Adhere please click on watch button ( it will remove musically logo from your video).

10. Congratulations!! your first lyrically video is completed. Now share this video on your WhatsApp status or use it to make money online.

How to use app to make money online:-

As we discussed above we can make money online using lyrically application so let discuss how we can make some money using lyrically Android app.

You can make money online by app on YouTube. You have to make an account on YouTube and need to upload videos on YouTube. Once your account is approved you will get payment for every view on your video. You can share your videos with your friends so that you will get more and more views.

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