Sendinblue vs Sendgrid: Detailed Comparison With Discount Offer

Are you looking for a major difference between Sendinblue vs SendGrid?

Both are email marketing services that offer comprehensive solutions complete with drag and drop editors, free templates, and extra testing tools with dedicated IPs.

In this article, we are going to share a Huge verses article to measure email marketing software Sendinblue and SendGrid so stay there and read out all this article completely.

Sendinblue Vs Sendgrid: A detail Comparison

When it comes to the best email marketing tool Sendinblue and SendGrid offer similar features, both are email marketing tools for design segmentation and personalization.

But when you are looking for the best platform between these two, Sendinblue gives you more at no extra cost.

Well in this article we will get to understand the difference between available features of these to email marketing software.

Our decision will be based on

  • Pricing
  • Automation
  • Deliverability
  • Segmentation
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Plugins
  • Performance Reliability
  • Designing Tools
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Customer support

Pricing of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

Sendgrid and Sendinblue both offering similar pricing but Sendinblue works out cheaper for a high volume of senders.

On the free plan of Sendinblue, you can send up to 300 emails per day with unlimited contact storage where SendGrid allows 6000 emails per month free but only for up to 2000 contacts.

Check out the below table for both of the email marketing tools on basis of the number of emails sent and contacts.


Automation of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

Email marketing tools offer advanced marketing automation features but Sendinblue offers better automation so that you can send each of your subscribe to the right message at the right time.

Apart from sending emails, you can use automation for SMS messaging and managing your subscribers.

For example Sendinblue you can automatically add or remove subscribers from the list based on their engagement score.

However SendGrid has fewer options, the only pre-built workflow is for welcome series that you can use on SendGrid.

On SendGrid you can create workflows from scratch that can be triggered when a subscriber joins as a released segment on SendGrid.

Check out the below table for available features and differences between Sendinblue and SendGrid.


Deliverability of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

In this section SendGrid taking the matter seriously with the addition of a dedicated team of experts, whose aim is delivering every single email sent out efficiently.

The tool offers a set of deliverability protocols and universal linking functionality to maximize mail to mobile app engagement.
While Sendinblue has put its weight in testing.

Segmentation of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

In SendGrid you can quickly add contacts via CSV uploader automatically through contacts API.

You can create dynamic segments based on customized data and campaign engagement.

While Sendinblue lets you enjoy its advanced contact search and segmentation tool through which you can create and save custom search filters to identify contacts.

Enterprise scalability of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

Both email marketing tools are major players in this field.

None of the above is failed in email scalability up to the enterprise level.

Both support the best features with the ability to support from dedicated or self-hosted IPs for proven deliverability rates.

Plugins support of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

In this section both marketing tools offers powerful API integration, various development frameworks, and client libraries including node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, PHP, Java, and c.

While Sendinblue introduces API integration features on the website as well and supports a list of CRM and eCommerce plugins including Magneto, Prestashop, Drupal, woo-commerce, Salesforce, Sophy, and zapier.

Performance and reliability of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

Performance and reliability are based on how effective email marketing platforms are functioning.

Well in this case SendGrid and Sendinblue both provide a Saas type of service reliability and safety measures for clients’ data.

Both marketing tools offer over 90% level of customer certificate application in performance and reliability.

Designing Tools of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

Both email marketing tools provide build-up secure and reliable w y s a w y g editor. Go to the tool provide the template library and integration for the editing capacity of preferred templates Atwell.

Tracking and Reporting of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

Both email marketing tools are advance in tracking and reporting.

Both software provides open integration with Google analytics.

Both of the tools provide a wide range of real-time and action-triggered analytical capabilities through their platform.

While with Sendinblue you get a technically enhanced dashboard through which users can track and monitor campaigns by clicks on a geographical basis with a location tag, device type, heatmap, standard and detailed metrics.

Customer support of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

While both the tools provide and good customer service but with Sendinblue you get excellent customer support experience and they are available via phone or by email while for SendGrid things are more complicated as they had to put a video to explain things.

My selection of Sendinblue vs Sendgrid

Both platforms are excellent in many areas of their service.

You can choose based on your requirements.

If you have a lower based on contacts you can choose SendGrid and if you are looking for a tool that offers unlimited storage for contacts, you can go through Sendinblue.

While my selection will be Sendinblue in this case as they are offering more services and support as compared to SendGrid.