Best Anonymous Web Hosting 2021: Best Offshore Hosting Services

Best Anonymous Web Hosting 2021: Best Offshore Hosting Services 1

Are you looking for the best anonymous web hosting, in this article we are going to share some of the best offshore web hosting service providers that are truly anonymous?

All of these web hosting providers are as anonymous that they accept Bitcoins only as a payment method.

You can use these anonymous web hosting services to host your website that is politically dangerous. Sometimes you need more privacy on the internet and that’s why you choose anonymous hosting sites.

These anonymous hosting bitcoin service provider does not ask for your name, your mobile number, your address, your credit card details, anything that is directly connected with you?

All they need is your email address and that you can create it with protonmail without any mobile numbers. so in this article, we will also how to create an email account anonymously with proton mail.

So How These Anonymous Web Hostings Works:

These web hosting service providers are located in countries where local laws are not as much hard as other countries. Sometimes we say them offshore web hosting.

These top anonymous hosting providers are located in countries where global laws are not applicable so you can easily host your website on their service with highly anonymous.


What About Domain Name On Anonymous hosting:

These offshore anonymous hosting service providers also offer domain name services. So that you can buy a domain name with offshore anonymous hosting without any hesitation.

Here Are The Best Offshore Web Hosting Service Providers:

1. Vsys Web Hosting:

Before using Vsys anonymous hosting, I was with Orange web hosting(and still using it for some clients), But I found that Vsys web hosting is cheaper than Orange web hosting. You can host an unlimited number of websites for just $15 ( 30 days money-back guaranty).

Vsys servers are located in Iceland, so you are truly anonymous there because in Iceland all US, UK, and Indian laws are not applicable.

You can pay via bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to hide your identity. When you register at Vsys web hosting, they will ask only for your email id ( use protonmail for anonymous).

Here is a step by step guide to using Vsys offshore web hosting:

a) Visit Vsys anonymous web hosting.
b)Choose the best plan according to your need.

Offshore web hosting

c) Choose a plan according to your need. If you are looking for a small business website, Go with shared hosting.

Web hosting plan for anonymous reseller

d) Enter domain name to purchase it.

Free Domain name with hosting

e) Check order summary, wow. I got a free domain name.

Order summery for hosting plans

f) pay via bitcoin or litecoin or another cryptocurrency to place an order.

checkout with cryptocurrencies

g) You can place an order without any worry as you will get 30 days money back guaranty.

Anonymous web hosting with free Domain 

2. Orange Web Hosting:

I personally use Orange web hosting to host some of my websites so that there is no need to clear my identity and front of internet hackers.

Orange web hosting is a truly anonymous web hosting service provider( after Vsys) on the internet, they only ask for your email address and once you give them an email address they will create your account.

Also, you can create an account without purchasing any domain or web hosting service from them, unlike other hosting service providers where you have to purchase something before your account created.

At Orange web hosting you can buy credit so that there is no need for multiple payments.

You simply add money to your wallet and use this amount for a lifetime at the Orange web hosting service.

Simply visit Orange web hosting check out their plans if you are ok with these plans go ahead and purchase them.

The orange web hosting is located in Iceland so if you are not broken any Iceland rule you can go with it.

2. Shinjiru:

This one is also one of the Offshore web hosting service providers, but yet they are not truly as anonymous as many Orange web hosts.

If you are ok to share your name, mobile number, and address then you can go with them.

They have the best plans when compare to Orange web host and they are cheaper in terms of plans. so if you are looking for a cheap web hosting service you can go with shinjiru hosting.

If you can compromise with some level of privacy then here are some of the best web hosting service providers.

Hostinger :

One of the better web hosting providers in general, Hostinger also offers good anonymity, and apart from Bitcoin, they also take various other cryptos, like Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and several others.


True to its name, Namecheap is a very affordable option and it’s a good choice for those who don’t want to spend too much. As for the cryptocurrencies, they only accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


A powerful provider with lots of choices, Hostwinds has a wide range of managed and unmanaged hosting options. Like Hostinger, apart from Bitcoin, they accept numerous cryptocurrencies.

Factors to consider when choosing anonymous web hosting:

As its name suggests an offshore web hosting never discloses your personal details and they don’t ask for your personal details. They use cryptocurrency as a payment method.

So if you are going to buy anonymous web hosting here are some factors which you need to focus on before purchasing.

Your personal information:

A truly anonymous web hosting service provided never ask for your personal information like your name mobile number address and credit card details.

They will only ask for your email address and you can go with it.

Cryptocurrency payment method:

A truly anonymous hosting service provider never asks for your credit card details. They use cryptocurrency as a payment method for services they offer.

So if your service provider offering you cryptocurrency for payment you can surely go with it.

Domain privacy protection:

They will never disclose your private information on the internet. Your information will be get locked on their server and they will never disclose it in any conditions.

So if your web hosting service provider offering you these three points then you can go with them as you need an anonymous web hosting service.

Additionally, the web hosting provider must deliver the necessary features for great hosting. This includes generous storage space and bandwidth, robust customer support, and excellent site performance — among many other qualities.

FAQs For Anonymous Hosting:

1. Why Anonymous Hosting is better than normal Hosting: 

Anonymous hosting is better in many terms, the important are,

  1. Your details are private
  2. You can use crypto for payment
  3. Your credit card details are safe
  4. Your personal info is safe and hidden
  5. Best if your idea is unsuitable for govt

2. What is anonymous Hosting: 

It is a type of web hosting (web Space) where your personal information is hidden from the service providers. You purchase web space with an email id only. They don’t ask for your credit card details and other personal information. You can pay securely via cryptocurrency.

3. Is it possible to anonymously host a website?

Yes, it is possible. We have shared two well-known and trusted anonymous web hosting service providers in this article. By using them you can get cheap and affordable web hosting and pay via cryptocurrency to hide your personal information.

Affiliate Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, so when you purchase any service through these links we may get a commission. There will be no extra charge on you.

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