How to Improve Battery Life of Phone, 5 Easy and Proven Ways

Our phone now has become a multitasker, on which we operate Facebook, playing games like taking photographs and doing some work like making videos.

Battery life of lithium ion proves to be insufficient for all these functions. Apart from this, some of the tools in the mobile remain on-the-go even if the battery is constantly consuming. Here are some tips to help save the battery life of Android phones, but not only save data.

There are 5 Proven Ways to Improve Battery Life of Your Phone

1. Completely Close the GPS Function

This is the most effective way to save battery. Now forget to turn off the location by turning on GPS navigation such as Google Maps in Mobile. Many of these mobile apps use your location so that your phone’s battery and data spend. So they should be closed if not needed.

2. Set the Limits of Background Apps

Mobile apps that run in the background spend data and battery, especially during the use of the internet. So, you can play phones without any nets. Also, to turn off unnecessary background apps, you need to go to the phone settings first by clicking on data usage and then clicking on background data then turn off data on the app.

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3. Disable Google Assistant

One of the many features of Android helps an Airtel user in many ways but it constantly consumes the phone’s battery, such as sleep-wake-up command can listen to the user’s location, etc. If you are not dependent on voting on it, it would be better to close it.

4. Turn off Auto Update in the Play Store

As soon as connected to WiFi, all the phones on the phone update the app without asking you. This eliminates the mobile battery quickly. For this, after opening the Play Store, then I will click on Settings and auto update and select to NOT option.

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5. Switch to The Light App

These are slim versions of the available apps in a browser. Companies make Light or Progressive Android Web Apps for those who have low power. This reduces the use of batteries.



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