How To Make Money On Kindle Without Writing

Looking for a way so that you can make money on kindle without writing content on kindles.

In this post we are going to share some of the best ways through which you can make money on kindle without doing anything special (It Doesn’t means that you don’t have to do anything).

Well, here is a proof that you can make money through Kindle.

made money on kindle

Keep reading this post till the end because there are something always there in the end (You don’t want to miss it).

So lets start with the best online money making methods. You can also look at these 20 websites & methods to make money online without any investment.

How To Make Money On Kindle Without Writing

1. Affiliate Program

The first method to earn through kindle without writing kindles is affiliate program. You can join Amazon affiliate program and start writing on kindle books to earn money. To start with Amazon affiliate program, you will need a self hosted website which you can learn here about How to make a website.

Once your website is ready, you can start review of different kindle products to earn a decent money through amazon kindle without writing.

2. Publishing House

Publishing house is best choice to publish others books under your umbrella. By creating your own publisher house and publishing others books on kindle can help you in generating a decent amount of money.

Apart from creating your own publishing house, you can act as a publisher house to make money.

This way you can become a mediator in between author and publishing house to help individual authors in publishing there books.

3. Help Authors

There are many authors still selling physical copy of there books. You can help these authors by taking them online. This way you can charge a fix amount and revenue commission.

You can help them in:

  1. Publishing Books
  2. Marketing Support
  3. Branding
  4. Sales
  5. Advertising
  6. Sponsorship

4. Low-Content and No-Content

One of the easy and new method to make money by creating low content books. Low-content books are that contain minimal text and rely heavily on graphics, templates, or spaces for the user to fill in information.

Type Description
Low-Content Books Publications with minimal text, relying on graphics, templates, or spaces for user engagement.
Popular Types – Journals & Planners: Daily, weekly, or monthly planners, goal-setting journals, fitness trackers, etc. – Activity Books: Coloring books, puzzles, word search, etc. – Diaries & Notebooks: Bullet journals, sketchbooks, recipe journals, etc. – Educational Guides: Logbooks, study guides, language learning logs, etc.
Creation Process – Design and Layout: Focus on attractive and user-friendly designs. – Formatting: Ensure readability and spaces for users to fill in content. – Publication: Typically self-published using online tools or software.
Market Potential – Ease of Creation: Quick to produce compared to traditional books. – High Demand: Cater to niche markets and experience seasonal trends.
No-Content Books Essentially blank books with no predefined content, offering entirely empty pages for user creation.
Purpose and Usage – Blank Canvases: Provide freedom for users to write, draw, or create as they please. – Artistic Expression: Favored by artists and creatives seeking blank spaces for creativity. – Personalization: Allows for customization according to individual preferences.
Market Positioning – Versatility: Caters to a broad audience, from artists to those seeking unique gift options. – Creative Freedom: Offers endless possibilities for self-expression and customization. – Educational Tools: Used in educational settings for various activities and creative exercises.

With this table you will get a decent idea about low content no content books.

5. Course Selling

If you have a decent knowledge of how to publish, create, monetize and market kindle, you can create a course and sell it online. Apart from selling course, you can offer personalized training and guidance to make money with kindle without writing.

For course selling, you will need understanding of Digital marketing and social media channels.

This way you can grow your course and number of enrollments in it.

Apart from Kindle, you can use online survey websites to make money.


With this blog post we try to cover genuine methods which needs some works but help you in making money with kindle without writing.

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