Work From Home Survey: Survey Sites That Pay For Work From Home

The pandemic time is here, and we are looking for work from home survey jobs.

Well, in this article we are sharing the best sites that pay for doing online surveys at home. These are work from home surveys get paid jobs. Apart from this, we will guide you till your first survey as well.

So don’t worry, this is a full work from home jobs survey guide.

Benefits of doing a survey at home:

  1. Free Cash In This Pendamic Time
  2. High Payouts as Companies need more details about their products
  3. Sort survey and high payouts
  4. You will get 100 INR or 2 Dollars for a 10 mins survey ( WOW)
  5. You have some work at home

So let’s start with a step-by-step guide and do it with me so once this article will complete, you will get a free account and cash in your wallet.

Work From Home Survey Jobs That Pay High:

Well, I am going to share some websites here. These all websites are paying a good amount of money to their users for taking online surveys.

Some of the websites on the list will pay for viewing ads, watching videos, playing games as well. So check out all the premium websites we are going to share here.

TO help you in the guide, we are taking step by step guide so that you can easily take your first step in making money online. So start today as it will help you in making some free cash.

1. Opinion World:

Opinion world is one of the most trusted and quality survey websites. You will get Rs 100 or more for every survey you will do on the opinion world.

Click this link and join Opinion World. 

Work From Home Survey
Work From Home Survey

Now fill in your details like as given the form:

Enter your date of birth.

Fill in your gender.

Submit your First name and last name. And put your postal code.

Enter your email and choose a new password.

Click the Button ” I am not a robot”.

Click the Try opinion world free button. ( Only for our users).

After filling in the details, your form will look like this.

Work From Home Survey
Work From Home Survey

Click on Try Opinion World Free.

Now your screen will look like this.

Work From Home Survey

Now Click on Find a survey Button.

It will ask you some basic questions, fill them.

Like this.

Work From Home Survey


If you have cars at home, select numbers, if you don’t have one, Select at least one car. As it will show you more survey.

Your next screen will look like this. Choose all buttons.

Work From Home Survey


Now it will ask for agricultural land. Select Yes.

Work From Home Survey


The next question is about educational qualifications. Select Graduate.

Work From Home Survey
Work From Home Survey

It will ask for the Car Model Year. Select 2019.

Work From Home Survey\

For the next question select, 2019 again.

Work From Home Survey

The next question is ” Which of the following statements, if any, apply to you?”

Select 12 months as given in the below image.

Work From Home Survey


The next question is ” Which single MAKE of automobile are you most likely to purchase next?”

Work From Home Survey: Survey Sites That Pay For Work From Home 6



I got a survey which is for Rs 500 in just 20 mins.

Your survey reward may varyWork From Home Survey: Survey Sites That Pay For Work From Home 7

Great, Once you will be done with your first survey you will get your account bonus in your wallet.

If you still have any question, let ask me in the comment box below.

Other websites that pay for doing surveys on their websites.

2. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is also a legit and paying survey website. It pays its users for taking surveys, watching ads, playing games, and more. Swagbucks pays its users in points that can redeem in gift cards or cash cards. The points which Swagbucks pays its users are call SB points.

You can redeem every 160 SB points in 1 dollar.

Apart from taking surveys, you will get paid for searching on the web (Amazing Na). It’s almost available for users to age more than 13.

3. Toluna:

Again I will personally recommend this. You will get a survey and then convert those surveys in cash. In the survey industry, Toluna is a big and trusted name. A user on Toluna survey websites will get paid 3000-6000 points per survey.

You can convert these points into cash cards, amazon gift cards, and other shopping voucher cards as well.

On the Toluna Survey website, you will get different types of surveys like Profile survey and Longer survey. The profile surveys are designed to get more information about you on the panel. This will indirectly help you in earn more cash as more surveys you will get.

As per the study, you will earn approx 1 dollar for a single hour on Toluna. That is not much but it’s good if you don’t have any other work at home. You will get a survey and get a reward for taking them.

Join Toluna Today

4. Indiaspeaks:

India speaks is an Indian website that offers Indian users to get paid for taking surveys. You get around 100 INR -150 INR for a single survey you take on their website. You will get almost every day a new survey on indiaspeaks that you can complete to earn free Paytm cash ( Indian Wallet).

Indiasepaks is a more trusted website and they offer the lowest redeem offer on their website. you can cash out your money when you reach 250 rupees ( 2 surveys).

On India speaks there is no need to visit regularly on their website to check the survey, Whenever they will have a new survey, they will email you regarding that survey, Time it will take, and rewards in rupees.

Join IndiaSpeaks Today and make money online.

IndiaSpeaks auto credit your earned cash into your Paytm wallet as well. As i have discussed, They pay a great amount per survey.

There is no need to log in again and again in their dashboard, You will get daily surveys at your email id. Take a survey from that and you will get Paytm cash.

Payment Method:

  • Paytm Cash
  • Mobile Recharge

If you have any issues, let me know in the comment box below.

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