How to share Location using QR Code/whatsapp/google (Step By Step)

In today world where internet is growing broadly, there are many things we can do online. Using internet we can share our location to our friends so that they can track us.

World’s top most social media app Facebook WhatsApp has launched this feature that you can share your Google map location to your friends through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has many features like share your live location and your location.

Other social media websites like Telegram, Instagram and Facebook are also using our location so that our friends can know about us where we are now.

But do you know how to share our location using QR code. In this article we will know step-by-step guide to share location through QR code.

why share location through QR code : sharing location through QR code is very helpful if you want to share your location through printed media like it if you want to share venue location marriage garden location cricket match location and anything that you share to your friends to invite them.

If a marriage invitation card has a QR code then you can easily track the venue location and find the best way to reach at venue.

How to share Google map location using QR code :

1.To share your location through QR code first go to Google map and mark your location.

2.Now copy link of your google map location.

Share Location using qr code

3.Now open QR code monkey website and place this link at there.

Share Location using qr code

4.Click on create QR code and your Qr code is ready to share. Now share this code to friends or share it on invitation card to tell them way to reach at venue.

As we share it QR code for friends now they need to scan this QR code to reach at your location.

How to scan QR code :

1. Download any QR code scanner app from Play Store App Store from your mobile phone.

2.Open QR code scanner app and scan the code given on the invitation card.

3.When you scan the code it will show you and link or direct location on Google Map.

If it is show you a link then copy the link and open it into your browser and it will be redirect to you to the Google map location.

This is the convenient way to share your location through printed media and to scan the location code through your smartphone. People easily can locate a way to your venue and can reach to you.

How to share Location using whatsapp:-

As we have discussed above, whatsapp has a feature through which you can easily share your location on whatsapp with your contacts. Let we learn how to share Location using whatsapp.

1. Open whatsapp and select the contact to whom you want to send your location.

2. Now Click on “Key” button.

Send location using whatsapp

3. Click on location button as shown in image and send your location using whatsapp.

Send location using whatsapp

How to share Location Using Google :

To share your live location using google, follow these steps.

1. Open google maps.

2. Click on ” Share location ” button as given in image.

Share Location using google

3. Now click on “Get started ” button.

Share Location Using google

4. Share your live location using any social media option as given.

Share Location using google

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