How to share location in qr code

Sharing location is an essential thing. we use location sharing features in our daily life but sometime we feel some complexity in sharing our location. Now in this article we will discuss how to share our location using QR code.

Before to discuss sharing location let me discuss the pros of sharing location using QR code.

you can share location on printed media by QR code. if someone scan the QR code with QR Code Scanner App he will get exact location which you shared through code.

How to share location using QR code:

To share your location using QR code follow these essential methods or steps.

1.First open Google map and select your location.

2.Now click on link bar and copy the URL.

3.Now visit to this website.

4. Submit the link you have copied from Step 2

5.Now click on generate QR code button

6. Here you will get a QR code which you can use to share your location.

Now use this QR code with any media you can use social media, use printed media or any other method so that your friends or family get exact location which you are sharing.

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