How to stream live games and make money

How to stream live games and make money

The dimensions of new jobs are also opening up over time where jobs are decreasing. Never thought you could make money by playing video games, but today it is happening. Make money online by playing video games and stream them on streaming platforms.

In this article, we will learn how to make money by playing video games.

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First of all, you’ll need to hold on to a game to make money from video games because people love seeing when you play well.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the apps you can do online streaming and make money with.

Gaming streaming is work well for both, male and female. In my opinion people love to see best player and here sex is not matter.

Apps to stream live games and make money:-

1. Twitch:-

How to stream online games

Twitch is one of the best app to stream live games. At twitch you could make money by subscribers because for every subscriber you will get approx $ 3 and this is not bad.

At twitch there are other methods through which you can make money. The another ways to make money at twich is by gifts. If people loves your playing skills they will gift you real money in forms of gifts.

The another way through which twitch streamers can earn is by advertising. According to CNBC website twich steamers make approx $250 on every 100 subscribers.

2. You tube:

Stream games online
You tube gaming

It’s simple live streaming where the only one source of earning available that is advertisement. If you are new gamers who want to show his skills then you can start with you tube live streaming.

The another method of earning at you tube is by sponcer products and through affiliate marketing.

3. Cube Tv:

Stream games online and make money
Cube tv

The another app where you can stream your games online. On cube TV streamers can make money by gifts. Users who loves your gaming skills will gift you real money and it becomes your earning source.

The advertisement source is still not in live mode but it can be possible that you will earn enough money if advertisement start on cube TV.

So as of now we have discussed 3 apps where you can stream games online and make some money. If you are a online game streamer and if you are using another apps to stream your game skill online then please do comment in the comment box so that we can list that app in this article.If you found that this article is helpful for you and it can help others also then please do share it.

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