YouTube Alternatives: Best YouTube Substitute To Make Money

Youtube, Now the second most used search engine in the internet world. We all use it somewhere in video marketing, Vlogging, to make money online, or other ways. As for youtube, Youtube alternatives are also ways through which we can do this.

In our journey of video marketing, we may face youtube’s unusual terms and conditions and that’s why we all looking for the best alternatives to replace youtube.

These alternatives offer some great features that youtube not and all these are free. Also, you can monetize some of them to generate some cash from these articles.

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So let us start.

Great Youtube Alternative to Host videos and monetize:

1. Facebook Videos:

How many of us use Facebook in daily life?. Almost everyone.

That’s why I add Facebook on top. After youtube, Facebook video has become the best platform to host videos and make cash.

Youtube alternative

As you can see. Facebook is now growing in the video market and has billions of userbase. By uploading videos on Facebook you can reach a great number of users.

Uploading videos on Facebook is too easy. There are various tools to optimize videos on Facebook.

Here is some statics from

  • Daily 4 Billion+ Videos uploaded
  • 500 Million views daily
  • 65% of users from mobile
  • 85% of uses watch videos with sound off.
  • 478% more shares than others.

Many users claimed that growing on Facebook videos is easier than youtube. So its time to move on Facebook videos to increase video engagement and viewership.

2. IGTV:

Everyone like me and you, We all uses Instagram in daily life. Instagram is an image sharing social media.

IGTV (Instagram Videos), owned by Facebook is going to grow like Facebook. As Instagram is one of the top social media sites, it has a great user base.

IGTV is just in launching state and it is a great time to start with IGTV. As per IGTV announced, Now you can monetize IGTV videos as well.

Here is some statics from

  • 1 Billion+ user every month
  • 500 Million+ stories views daily
  • 63% of users log in daily
  • 75.3% of US business uses Facebook.

So, IGTV can be your next video platform. Start from today and grow.

3. Vimeo:

Vimeo is a great video hosting website launched in the year 2004, is also a great alternative to youtube. With its great features and classy features make it great.

well, Vimeo can not compete with youtube in viewership, but it can in quality. This platform was made for designers to host there work online. So if you looking to monetize and viewership, Vimeo is not for you.

We know that this list is not big enough, but if we sum the total reach of there platform (Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram), it’s enough to reach a great number of users.