Blogspot SEO: How We Generate 157349 Users In A Month

This is a complete guide to Blogspot SEO in 2020.

Blogspot also known as Blogger is a free blogging tool offered by Google. You can start your blogging career with Blogspot but there are some limitations on Blogspot. Well, In this article we will reveal our secret methods of Blogspot SEO that help us in Generating 157349 Users in a month.

Well, before getting started you must check your blog rank in google because after this guide your traffic will boost up.

In this guide, you will learn exactly how to generate traffic to your Blogspot blog and reach lakhs of users every month. Including…

  1. Blogspot Heading Title
  2. Description
  3. Content-Length
  4. Heading Tags
  5. Optimize URL
  6. Image ALT Attributes

Let’s get started…

Blogspot SEO

Before we get in deep, Let quickly revise what we need to get higher traffic and good SEO.

What is Blogspot On-Page SEO:

As its name suggests, On-page SEO is to design and set content according to search engine need (Don’t forget User as the user interface will be next big change in Google algorithm.)

We need to follow some basic rules suggest by the Search engine and set the main keyword in it.

Basically in On-Page SEO, we understand

  • How to optimize content
  • How to create SEO Friendly URLs
  • How to write better titles and description
  • and much more

Why Blogspot SEO is important?

Not everyone can pay and maintain a paid hosting website. Many users are students who are in the learning age. Thay can’t afford a high costly web hosting and here the Blogspot plays an important role.

Users can start and implement tips that they learn on Blogspot.

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We just need to write on in-demand content. If we will write on a less demanded keyword, there are very less chances of getting high traffic.

So let’s start…

Blogger SEO Working Tips In 2020:

1. Blogspot Heading Title:

Blogspot heading title is a very important aspect of Blogspot SEO. Your Blogspot title represents most of the content. Your heading title must contain your main keyword. You can include it in any way, Like ” Blogspot Guide: A catchy line”

Blogspot SEO Tips


This type of heading contains your main keywords as well as a catchy line (Helps you in higher CTR). Your Blogspot heading shows the main intention behind your content, so give time to make it better.

An experiment shows a correlation between keywords in heading and ranking. If you will search for a competitive keyword you find that they all use “Keyword in Heading”.

As you can see, all these use the main keyword in the heading.

To rank your Blogspot in 2020, there are more than Heading title

  • User Experience ( Very Important)
  • Search Intent and Bounce Rate
  • Blogspot Speed
  • Click-through rate (CTR)

2. Description:

Now as you know that on-page SEO is very important.

We need to use our main keyword in the first paragraph of content or I say to use it in its second line.

BLogspot SEO 2020

Why it’s important?

Because google focus on early terms of your page. (Like our school teachers who only read our first and last paragraph).

That’s why put your keywords in the second line of description.

Also, Blogspot has another section to write a description. try to use the main keyword in it. Write it in a way so users think that this is where I will get it.

Description Image

The Simple Formula is: Keyword + Catchy Line 

3. Content-Length:

Content length is an important part. This one part is where you will use your writing style and frequent your keyword.

Your content length must be between 600 to 3000 words. Less then 600 is not enough to rank on google. When your content will have enough words in it, you can use frequent keywords in it.

Well, Google itself denies that frequent keywords don’t help in ranking, But think yourself that if you write about “iPhone X” and use the same keyword only on time in full-page will make sense.

So, use the main keyword in 1-2% density on the full page. A 600 length article will easily adjust 4-5 times to the main keyword.

4. Heading Tags:

Use your main keyword in heading tags. Heading tags play a very important role in the hierarchy of content. It opens a new window to use your main keyword in new important and high wattage places too.

The heading hierarchy goes from H1-H6. Here H1 heading is title and H2-H6 to navigate content properly.

A Better navigated content result in good user experience and higher SEO ranking.

Try to use H2, H3 heading tags, and use your main keyword in H2 heading. (H1 heading is post title itself).

You can follow these SEO practices:

  • Only use H1 Heading single time in a post. (Heading only is enough)
  • Use H2-H6 heading tags properly in the content. Uses of H2-H3 is enough in most cases.
  • Don’t overuse the tags and keywords in them.

You can use bold and Italic to highlight the most important part of your content. Search engines use them appropriately to index your content.

5. Optimize URL:

Optimize your blogger URL to the main keyword. It may be short, easy to remember, and target with the main keyword.

Blogspot url structure


Now. Google also started to use weird versions of your URLs. So now you need to be careful with your blogger post URL structure.

So, Here is how to create a URL for your blogger post:

  • Short URL
  • URL with Keyword.

So use proper strucured url.

6. Image ALT Attributes:

Images or rich media play a very important role in both, Search engine and user experience. So uses of properly structured images in your post make your article good to go.

Blogspot Image ALT Attributes

Image ALT Attributes helps search engines to understand for what purpose that media file is used. A proper target Image ALT Attribute helps search engines to understand.

Use your target keyword in image alt attributes. Proper target image attributes help your Blogspot to rank in google.

So this guide is enough to help in reaching 1,57,349 users in a month on your blogger Blogspot.

I hope you learn something through this Blogspot SEO guide. 

Apply these awesome tips and tell your experience in the comment box below.

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