How to Make Career in Gaming Industry

How to Make Career in Gaming Industry 4

Keeping in mind the popularity of the pubg Game Player Unknowns Battleground in the country, Chinese company Tensent organized a tournament for college students in Bangalore recently in Partnership of Platonia. In this, about 2.5 million participants from over 1000 colleges in 30 cities of the country have registered. More importantly, the price of the … Read more

How to share location in qr code

Sharing location is an essential thing. we use location sharing features in our daily life but sometime we feel some complexity in sharing our location. Now in this article we will discuss how to share our location using QR code. Before to discuss sharing location let me discuss the pros of sharing location using QR … Read more

How to register to vote

How To Register to Vote Any Indian citizen who live in the country, who has completed  the age of 18  can officially register himself or herself for a Voter. Friends you have to be fill Form 6 for registration as a new voter and get your voter ID card.Any person who has completed the age 18 … Read more

How to use lyricaly app

How to use lyricaly app 6

Lyrically is a music app which you can use to make short videos. Lyrically helps you in making videos by selecting pictures from your mobile gallery.  If you are searching about any WhatsApp status making video app then lyrically is one of the best app. In this article you will learn simple steps to make … Read more